Swedish and Italian banks = Equally bad

That Italian banks are terrible is something I realised some months ago. But I always thought the Swedish banks were better, at least not that expensive. Today I realised they cost even more. I pay 44SEK a month for my Swedish Nordea bank account; 24sek for the VISA card, 12sek for Internet banking and 8sek for personal service) You Swedish people, can you please answer... is that normal?? I think it's quite a lot!?

Something else the Italian (Barclays) and the Swedish (Nordea) bank accounts has in common is that they give more and less no interest. On my Swedish and English (HSBC) accounts I have around the same amount of money, the Swedish one gives me as much interest in in year as the English one gives me in a month.

The banks are thieves, and I'm upset!


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