With the 1000nd blog post I wanna wish you all happy new year :)

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Blog post 999!


I guess you readers gonna think I flipping out as I'm suddenly updating the blog 10 times a day....

This is the reason... The other day one of the most devoted readers of this blog, Johan Andersson sent me saying that I had done 985 blog posts in 2010 and suggested that I should reach 1000 :)

This is post 999! I guess I've done a hard but good work this year, or what do you think? :)

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Happy new year Rinascente!

If you gonna work on new year's eve Rinascente is the place to be!! Party preparing all day long with lots of happy 'friends '(colleagues) and we ended the long working day with Champagne, red wine and Pandoro. Yaaam!!

Now I'm we're in the car on my way to the party!

Have an amazing night people!!

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New year's make up!

Hard day for all the make up artists today as everyone coming by today wanted a beautiful make up, preferbly for free (which we don'y do). But me and my friends were happy to have Antonio as our personal artist. Graaazie Tooni!!

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Working hours in January

(Pic: Rinascente)
I thought that only December would be the horrible month when Rinascente before Christmas decided to keep open until 22.00 every day. But no no, now they have decided to keep the whole department store open until 22.00 almost all January too thanks to the SALE. But the perfume/cream/make up section don't even have any sales so it feels so unnecessary.

So it will be another no life month! Sigh.

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New Year's eve

Today is a perfectly normal day, it's just that in our calender tomorrow's gonna be a new year so everyone have to celebrate that....

The 31st December is the day of the year that I dislike most. I would prefer just having a nice dinner at home with one or more loved ones. No strss, no problems and no accidents. Orginize parties is always a big hassel, to go out for dinner it's overly expensive and try to have dinner in one place and then go somewhere else is also a big problematic; traffic, drunk drivers, parking etc. I can also add that I am not a big fan of the fire works!

Anyway, I think I choose the best and less complicated option for me and Rosella. I work until 19.30 and straight after work Rosella is coming back to Rinascente and Silvia will pick us up to go to the dinner party. There some people have already fixed the dinner and I just gonna have the time to change before we gonna start the celebration.

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New year's lunch with Una

Eating potatoes and meatballs - Typical swedish food but made by Italians it taste different, but still good.

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Make up for tonight done!

...by my favourite make up artist Antonio Silva.

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Happy New Year

~Abba ~ Happy New Year ~

The best new years song of all time!!


This gonna be a long day

Just arrived at work... It's me, my colleague Antonio, all our colleagues from the other brands and maybe 4-5 customers. We're fully staffed for doing nothing all day... Sigh.

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2010 Review - November & December


Party month - Fun month! I didn't work a lot in November, only 30 hours a week so I had plenty of time enjoying myself and I did. Had many unforgettable nights out in November and I also met many nice people. I guess I was enjoying myself to it's maximum in November as I knew December would be a pain in the... In the middle of the month I also manage to get away 4 days for a quick visit in Stockholm to celebrate my mums birthday.

Fancii and I orginized a great house party in our place
The gang
A night at Old Fashion
One of many great nights out with Mario
In Stockholm
Girl dinner out in Stockholm
Crazily fun girl night at Bobino

Edo's madness birthday party at Old Fashion
A night out with Albii
Me, Stepghanie and Mario at COST
A night out with Giose that for once manage to get to Milan...


Cold month in Milan, got down to 2-3 degrees and I was freezing to death. This was the month I worked like a slave - 50 hours a week devided into 6 working days a week. Not only I was at work a lot, it was also terribly stressful with all the tousands of people visiting Rinascente every day. Apart from working I also manage to have some crazy nights out and nice dinners at home.

As all other years I spent Christmas in Stockholm. This year I had to experience temperatures between -10 to -25 degrees

Girl evening @ Bobino
Best friends out in the freezing cold weather
One of many crazy nights
Night out with my colleagues
Dinner in my place
Another dinner in my place
Real winter in Stockholm
Cosy Christmas with my family! Me and mum

Me and dad

Now I'm exactly like them...

I'm still now 100% sure what to do tomorrow on new years eve. Many of my sweet friends have invited me and some are also doing all they can to convince me to come to their parties. I must say I really really appreciate that!! But it doesn't make it easier.... And so far I just told people that I maybe will come, the thing I hate when the Italians do when I invite them for anything.

Tonight we did take the decision that me and Rosella would go to the private party with Silvia, Ilaria and some others but now I just got the address and the place is really far away. Sign.

It might be complicated to move around in Milan before 12 o'clock but it's equally problematic to be able to get home from this party tomorrow night. And as I already have plans for Saturday during the day I can not make myself plans to sleep somewhere else than home...

What shall I do?? HELP.


Hachiko - Such beautiful movie!

Tonight Alessandro and I saw the movie Hachiko - A dog's story. It's a film with Richard Gere and it's about a him and a dog, their friendship and their destiny. It's a sad movie but sooo beautiful. Would recommend everyone to see it!!



Invite someone for dinner and make him cook for you...

Sounds like a smart plan but I didn't really do that. We decided to meet and as it's freezing cold outside it was better to be at home. We went to the supermarket, bought some food and went home. I found a nice film on TV and Alessandro cooked. Me like!

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'skansentaget' in Milan

Al ittle train similar to the trains they have at the big nordic zoo Skansen in Stockholm is now for all the new year's tousists circulating Milan. So sweet!!

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Job contract signed!

And so it was done, I've signed the contract with Givenchy for the whole 2011. Most likely I will be working all time at Rinascente duomo which I've asked for but in case the business would decline there and all the full timw staff is not needed they can start sending me around as a promoter/ make up artist for Givenchy in all Italy.
They head office told me that they would give me a 6 month contract but instead I signed for. Why they sign me up for 12 months and all others for 3-6 months is a mystery I need to do some research around. But I'm happy!
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Change of plans

It was lovely having a day off all dayat home yesterday, doing more and less nothing. I thought I would have more of those days now around Christmas but now I realized I won't.

Instead I have manage to fully book every evening for the next 7 days. The big question is when I gonna be able to study? :(

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Song about Italia...

~ Fabri Fibra ~ In Italia ft. Gianna Nannini ~

A friend sent me this video yesterday night and added the lyrics in the mail... I like Fabri Fibra but his lyrics are very wierd and I must say that I think he's a bit too negative too... Anyway, here's the amazing lyric, I highlighted whatever I think is really true. Whoever doesn't understand - better for you ;)

Ci sono cose che nessuno ti dirà…
ci sono cose che nessuno ti darà…
sei nato e morto qua
sei nato e morto qua

nato nel paese delle mezza verità

dove fuggi?

in italia pistole in macchine
in italia machiavelli e foscolo
in italia i campioni del mondo

sono in italia

in italia fatti una vacanza al mare
in italia meglio non farsi operare
in italia non andare all’ospedale
in italia la bella vita
in italia le grandi serate e i gala
in italia fai affari con la mala
in italia il vicino che ti spara

in italia…

dove fuggi?
in italia i veri mafiosi sono
in italia i più pericolosi sono
in italia le ragazze nella strada
in italia mangi pasta fatta in casa
in italia poi ti entrano i ladri in casa
in italia non trovi un lavoro fisso
in italia ma baci il crocifisso
in italia i monumenti
in italia le chiese con i dipinti
in italia gente con dei sentimenti
in italia la campagna e i rapimenti

in italia… rit.

dove fuggi?
in italia le ragazze corteggiate
in italia le donne fotografate
in italia le modelle ricattate
in italia impara l’arte
in italia gente che legge le carte
in italia assassini mai scoperti
in italia volti persi e voti certi


2010 Review - September & October


A party month! :) Me and Stefii started going out a lot trying new bars and clubs. Mum came to visit and we spend a week together seeing Milan and other cities around. I started to get to know and hang out with some of the girls from Rinascente and had some good nights out with them. By the end of the month I got to knew Mario and Stefano who ended up being very good friend. Otherwise nothing special happened in September - but I was impressed that the summer weather lasted until the end of the months, something a Swede is not used to!

One of many night out with Stefii - here the fashion party at Just Cavalli
A fun night with the girls from work
Got to know Ale one evening at The Beach
Mum came to visit...
Here in Como...
Met these two lovely guys, Stefano and Mario, at Cost.

In October the autumn slowly started to come but most days were still nice and sunny and life went on. I guess not that much happened in October. I went to London by the end of the month, stayed with Tobi and manage to meet most of my old friends and do lots of shopping. Otherwise October was mostly spend at work, studying or hanging out with old and new friends in Milan.

Got to know this lovely girl - Rosella. I so wish she would live in Milan!!
My old friend Lelio from my time in Bologna came to visit. So much fun!
In London with my girls!
London - Dinner out at Thai thai east with friends
Halloween with Mario, Stefano and their friends

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