Getting ready to go out.... popping this wonderful song!!

Shakira - Waka waka

You're a good soldier
Choosing your battles
Pick yourself up
And dust yourself off
And back in the saddle

You're on the frontline
Everyone's watching
You know it's serious
We're getting closer
This isnt over

The pressure is on
You feel it
But you've got it all
Believe it

When you fall get up
Oh oh...
And if you fall get up
Oh oh...

Tsamina mina
Cuz this is Africa

Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka Waka eh eh

Tsamina mina zangalewa
Anawa aa
This time for Africa

Listen to your god

This is our motto
Your time to shine
Dont wait in line
Y vamos por Todo

People are raising
Their Expectations
Go on and feed them
This is your moment
No hesitations

Today's your day
I feel it
You paved the way
Believe it

If you get down
Get up Oh oh...
When you get down
Get up eh eh...

Tsamina mina zangalewa
Anawa aa
This time for Africa

Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka Waka eh eh

Tsamina mina zangalewa
Anawa aa

Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka Waka eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Africa


The positive side of living in a flat share...

...to come home and find exactly what I need!

Today I went out for lunch plus coffee with Alessandra. She's pregnant and it's actually the first of my closer friends who's gonna have a baby so I'm al excited. We talked about everything for two hours before she had to go back to the office.

Then I went for search of some new bras, something I really hate doing but as it's almost impossible to find my size in Sweden and I can't be bothered to search in Milan I buy them here in London. At least I know where to go.

Then again I spend a couple of hours with Marcello. I know everyone is wondering about us meeting here in London but I have absolutely nothing to say. We're just two people who used to be together for some time, who broke up in the worst terrible way, who's now trying to be friends. That's it.

Now I just got back home, tired and in a quite bad mood and finds a big "fun house" at home. The same bunch of girls who woke me up last nightt are still here partying (in just their underwear, haha) and now it fits me perfectly, just what I needed. Instead of falling asleep I jump into the big girl mess here. Time to get changed and let the party get started... :)


Flat share life

Even if I still live in flat share and have done it for the last 5 years I completely forgot how it is to live in a "real" flat share. To live with friends or just to share a flat with other people is two completely different things.

Tonight I came home around 1.30am and went straight to bed. Then I woke up again at 3-3.30am when a bunch of screaming and laughing girls entered the flat. They talked loudly, put on loud music and some kind of karaoke game and it was impossible to sleep. If this would had been my flat I would have rushed out and kicked all the people out of the house but as I'm just a guest I couldn't do anything. Now the living room is a big mess with beer, wine and cigarettes on the floor plus smoke in the air. Very respect-less to have a after party at 3am on a Thursday night.

Last time I lived in a flat share with total strangers was when me and Kris rented a room in a big house in Wimbledon. We lived with two mad Italian guys that kept drinking, smoking and partying. We didn't stay very long in that house!

Since that I have been lucky with my flatmates. We've been close friends and have highly respected each other. Something like this would never happen. Now I'm mega tired and upset ;)



Ingen rast ingen ro

It's not exactly a relaxing holiday I'm having....but funny :)

This morning I put the alarm on early to go to the GP in order to convince her that I lost my asthma medicines she game me two months ago... Haha. The thing is that two asthma sprays here cost half of what I pay for one in Sweden (donno in Italy) so I obviously buys them here. The doctor looked at me in a strange way and asked if I use them as training drugs... Ehhh what was my response... She then told me the Bricanyl asthma spray is the most common drug used by professinal athletics as it helps them to breath better and then run faster. Very interesting. However my charm managed to convinced the doctor I needed my sprays so I got the prescription, me happy! I went straight to the pharmacy to get them but had to wait more than half an hour before getting them, sigh.

Then I went for brunch with Eva at Whole food in Kensington. We bought fresh ciabatta, goat cheese and smoked venison. Soo nice! I love that place. Then we walked around for a while before I had to rush to town.

In town I had few things to pick up before I went for a quick coffee with Marcello. Then again I had ro rush away to go home to meet one of the guys that responded to my "selling TV add"... And he bought both the TV and DVD player. Must have been my lovely charm again ;) I'm so happy to get rid of them, even if I loved my TV!

Tonight I've been out for dinner at Thai Thai East with Per, Klara and Gustav. The best thai place ever and I had a lovely three course meal, yammi. The problem is that I ate too much and now I feel sick and can't go out for drinks as planned :(
So instead I'm going for movie night in my friend's place.

That's my day! Good night sweeties.

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Tired Maria is off to bed

I had a great day today and it feels so great to be back in London.

After the breakfast with Kris he went to his gym/training and I went (home) to my old flat. Very wierd feeling... The place where I used to live for more than two years with Julien and Ilinca is now suddenly very different. It's three new people living there now (my italian friend Paolo and then two girls I just met a minute ago - one spanish and one french) and it's obvious that the place would change but it still felt strange to come back and find it complately different. I had a shower and made a quick lunch before I went out again.

I spent the afternoon in clapham common with Ann-Sofie, having picknick in the park and talking about life. Then I went to Camden for a drink plus looong evening with Ida. Then I saw the end of the game and happy that "Italy" is in final I went home.

Now I'm off to bed, in Paolos room/ Julien's old room. Feels to strange as I always used to sleep in the room on the other side of the wall. But I'm very glad Paolo lets me stay here these days. I have a big room all for myself and I can come and go as I want. Really good!

Buenos noches people.

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Yammi breakfast

Kris woke me up at 10am this morning, he had already been up more than two hours but I was so tired. We (he) made a very healthy breakfast with homemade smoothie and multigrain sandwishes with philadelphia, thin chicken slices and cucumber that we ate on his balcony overlooking the massive wimbledon golf area. Very nice. I really got the holiday feeling :)

Now I'm on the way to my old flat to orginize some things (if I get in) before I'm meeting Ann-Sofie in clapham common for picknick.

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Makiyaki + loong walk

Pics from tonight... I met Kris in Wimbledon, we walked around the shopping centre for a while before we went for dinner in one of my favourite restaurants in London - Makiyaki. Me and Kris found it together around 3,5 years ago and it has been a favourite since :) After the dinner we took a long walk to Kristofer's place and now we're eating icecream and watching a movie... But I guess I will fall asleep soon. Good night :)
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Now I'm here, back in London. Feels strange. Feels like home but e not. At the security they asked "Mrs Graff, how long have you been away for" and I answered 5 weeks "Oh, welcome back Mrs Graff!" Thanks!! :) haha.

The flight was amazing. I though my tickets were booked with Alitalia but who knows because I ended up on a Airone flight. A bran new airplane with TV screams showing music videos and cartoons. I was watching GG on my netbook anyway but it was a nice flight and quick. Anyway before boarding at Linate all passangers had to go though a second security check were they checked every little thing we had in our bags. Even every single piece of underwear was checked. The reason was that they found a knife in someones bag - after he went through the first/normal security. Scary!

Now I'm already on the tube half way to Wimbledon. Need to go to boots (my loooovely Boots - I love that shop/chain) and then maybe I pop by the sunbed before going for dinner with Kris.

I'm so happy being back in London! Special feeling!

Ps. I'm using my old english number!
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@ the airport

I've passed the security but the passport control is on coffee break (could only happen in Italy) so mrs healthy has now bought herself crisps, candy and water and will now watch some gossip girl episodes as I have one spare hour before I have to go to the gate... Summer diet starts after this London trip ;)

By the way, did anyone else study the "big mac index" at university? I don't remember exactly but I think it was a way to value the different currencies as the big mac should cost the same everywhere. Italy obviosuly has to be against that as well as the prices even vary within the same city. Mc Donalds in central Milan cost €3.50 and a cheese burger €1. Here at Linate a cheese burges ir €2 and a big mac €6.90. So stupied.

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Linate airport

Jezez, who could imagne the airport was so close... I left my house 25 min ago and two busses later plus 1 euro less in my pocket I'm already here. Now I have 2,5 hour to waste at the airport, sigh

I start by looking for Alitalia's check in. I bet they will create problems as I neither have a printed ticket or the card the ticket was bought with....

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I am very happy for all the readers this blog is having so don't get me wrong now...

In the last few months this blog has become more like a diary blog following my daily life than the a discussion blog that it used to be. I like it and I can see that the readers must like it as well as I keep getting more and more readers. I also keep getting more and more e-mails from my readers asking me questions about London, Italy, moving abroad etc I actually got 21 e-mails from for me unknown swedish girls when I decided to move from London to Milano asking questions about it. I could open an own agency helping and advising people that are dreaming to move abroad, haha.

Lately I keep receiving e-mails asking me to upload pictures of certain people I mention in the blog or asking for updates after some evenings. I know that the more personal blogs are the ones that are more interesting to read! I actually prefer reading extremely personal blogs myself, but I feel that I can't make my blog more personal than it already is even if I would love to. I'm not writing e v e r y t h i n g I do and I don't post pics of certain people for a reason, that's how simple it is. My family, my friends and ex'es are following this blog and I already feel that there are people reading it that shouldn't know every single step I take so it's obvious thatI can't give out more of myself that I already do. I've been thinking of putting a password on it or change address but I don't really want to. It's a hard balance to keep: having a personal and interesting blog that brings on readers but at the same time let me have my personal life. I think a lot about it and I don't really know how to action but for the time being I will go on with the blog as it is.


Bikini season starts now!

Had a nice lunch with Valentina with lots of girl talk and now we're both in bikini in her garden sunbathing. It's 26 degrees! Soooooo nice!!!

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Interisti di...

What I gonna write now is something I discussed many times before: Hate against other football teams. Remember me being upset after watching Chelsea - Roma in London because of the chelsea supporters attack against the Roma fans when they scored a goal? Here we go again...

Before going to bed yesterday I received a text message that made me, not only angry yesterday night but I also woke up in a bad mood this morning. My team lost their game yesterday night and this is what I have to hear before going to sleep:

"Romanisti bastardi,
non sapete giocare a pallone, aahhah. pensavi ke la roma avesse vinto il scudetto? Povera picima romanista ;-) Buona notte tesorino, a domani"

I already didn't like this person, but now....

I can't understand why so many Inter fans must attack the other teams when they win. Just look at facebook, yesterday and even worse when they won against Barca the other day, immediate attacks against the other teams.

I have 6-7 Interisti-friends on facebook that always has to comment after the games, fair enough. I also do from time to time if I'm happy. But all of them only keeps saying aggressive things against Milan or Roma every time they win and I don't see the point. Why not just write, "Grande Inter" or something else expressing their happiness over the win... no no, they are not happy Inter won, they are happy that the other teams lost. That's all that matters for them. It's so sad. Football nowadays is more about being fanatic about a team and to hate the competitors than actually enjoy the sport itself.

Found this picture on Inter's website. So sweet!

Thanks god I'm now off for lunch in my sweet friend's place, I need that. Haven't seen her for more than two weeks so we have lots to catch up on - lots is happening in my life in these days.... ;-)




One thing is clear, it's very hard to stand up a whole day in high heels. Today I worked 9 hours (one hour break) and my feets are in real pain. I was supposed to be picked up outside work by car but now the car is not coming so now I'm sitting at piazza duomo (my second home;) waiting to be picked up by foot. Sigh.

Anyway, it's a beautiful evening so shouldn't complain doing a nice evening walk. If I'm lucky maybe I even get an icecream... :))

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Another day is gone...

Time passes to quickly. I can't believe I've lived in Milano already five weeks! Feels like it was yesterday I was packig my bags in London leaving for Italy...

As I didn't sleep to much last night I got up late this morning. I ate brunch at home and then I went out. I took the tram to piazza 5 giornate, had a fantastic icecream (with cinnamon and panna cotta/forest fruit) from "Vivere meglio", walked to town, hanged out for a while at Piazza Victory watching a BMX show and now I'm off to work. Working until 22 which means the day then will be gone :(

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Head bombed with Venditti

Yesterday evening I managed to fall asleep with the music still on... the same CV played the whole dinner and then also the whole night. Now all I have in my head are all the super romantic Venditti lyrics :))

Amici Mai - Antonello Venditti

Questa sera non chiamarmi
no stasera devo uscire con lui
lo sai non e' possibile
io lo vorrei, ma poi mi viene voglia di piangere
Certi amori non finiscono
fanno dei giri immensi e poi ritornano
amori indivisibili, indissolubili, inseparabili
Ma amici mai
per chi si cerca come noinon e' possibile
odiarsi mai per chi si ama come noi
basta sorridere
No no non piangere
ma come faccio io a non piangere
Tu per me sei sempre l'unica
straordinaria, normalissima
vicina e irraggiungibile, inafferrabile, incomprensibile
Ma amici mai
per chi si cerca come noinon e' possibile
odiarsi mai per chi si ama come noi
sarebbe inutile
Mai mai il tempo passerà
Mai mai il tempo vincerà
Il nostro non conoscersi
per poi riprendersie' una tortura da vivere
ma stasera non lasciarmi
no stasera non uscire con lui
il nostro amore e' unico, insuperabile, indivisibile
ma amici mai.



Friday evening

I'm staying in!!! Still raining outise so instead of going out dancing I'm staying home eating dinner and watching a movie with Giose. I'm now in the middle of the preparation of a three course meal, not bad eh... :)

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Job news

Good news! They just called me from Givenchy headoffice saying they were very satisfied with my job at La Rinascente (don't ask me how) and that they want to re-sign a contract with them for part time job also in May. I can't believe it! I asked my manager about it yesterday and she said she wants to keeo me but that the head office were saying no... Very strange. I don't believe it 100% until I have signed the contract. Fingers crossed! Would be really great!!
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Rainy and lazy day

We've been having such beautiful weather all week, 22 degrees sunshine. But today it's raining and I can't be bothered to do anything. Thanks god internet at home is working again... I've been surfing around all morning reading news, blogs and then I finally uploaded pictures on facebook. I love to share my pics on facebook but I can't stand uploading them; it takes forever to upload and then tagg everyone.. but now it's finally done and everyone can see what kind of like I'm having in Milano ;-)))

Time for lunch - I've done my speciality piadina with mozzarella, prosciutto, cherry tomatoes and ruccola. Yammi!!!

For tonight I can't decide if I gonna go out (forth evening in a row) with some people from school or if I gonna stay in having dinner and watching movie with someone...

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Thursday - Day / Evening / Night

Yesterday I spend all day in town with Merve. First we went for coffee and girl talk with Kendra and then we went out shopping / walking. Today Merve is leaving Milano. Soooooo sad :(((

Yesterday evening I had dinner with my two sweet flatmates and then we went out for drinks with some other people at Corso Garibaldi.

After the drinks me and Francesca and lot of other people went dancing at "The Club" and again we had lots of fun. It's a beautiful club but the music was crap and it was full of young Erasmus and posh (desperate) Italian guys.




Mrs hangover has now finished her 9 hour shift at work and was supposed to go home and sleep... But, last minute change of plans and I'm going dancing at Old Fashion Instead dressed in my job clothes (all black). It's Marve's last day in Milano so I couldn't say no and I also convinced my flatmate to come. Just heard Andrea is in town too so maybe we'll be a nice big gang... Anyway, don't think I'll stay out too long but Old fashion here I come!!!

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Crap eating

Im really eating bad in these days. I eat a lot, all the time and almost only junk. Both the school and my work has been such strange hours so its hard to keep any kind of regularity. And then unfortunately it's always the junk that is the cheapest and fastest choise.

Today I had a toast and double espresso for breakfast, a pancerotto from Luini for lunch and I'm now on my dinner break and I'm having a MC Chicken from MC Donalds plus an icecream. Well done Maria ;)

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Going to London next week!

Yesterday night ened up being a bit "hard". I came home quite early and went straight to bed. Woke up in the middle of the night, sick.

This morning when the alarm rang I felt terrible. I went up having a loong shower and breakfast. Everything in slowmotion. Then I turned on the phone and checked my e-mail and I couldn't beleive it. I had a ticket booked for London going already next Tuesday. My tiredness disappaired and I was jumping around the flat. So now I will finally go and get my bags and hopefully sort out everything I left behind. And most important, I will meet my loooovely friends I miss so much!! Time to start planning!!

How I managed to get tickets less than one week before my trip in this volcano caos is a secret I only share with one other person. I'm happy anyway.

Now Im sitting in the sun eating a fresh icecream on piazza duomo but soon I have to get to work. Working 9 hours today!!! Jeeezez.

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A Spanish night

Inter won the game and we were all happy but we (at least I) ended up having a very Spanish night anyway...

Working tomorrow so now I go home, sigh. Such funny night.

Pics; extra bad quality, all for u... ;-)

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Interista for a day?

Today has beena very lazy day. No school and no work. I went for lunch with my ex boyfriends dad. I know lots of you are against me being in touch with my ex or his parents but it's a choice I've taken and I'm happy about it. The lunch was nice and we discussed quite intersting things. He's so sweet and he makes me happy so why would I break the contact?

Now I'm on my way to Loolapaloosa to meet my little Interista friend Julia to see the game. We did all we could to get tickets to the stadium but it was impossible :(( I can't decide who to support tonight... I obviously prefer Barca as a team but I see it more as Italy - Spain so I guess I have to support bloody Inter! A shame I know ;-)

Later I go dancing with Gabrielle and Stefania at Hollywoos. Party party!

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My sweet flatmates

I found this very nice picture of me and my Italian flatmates on my PC... It's taken on my birthday. Two amazing girls, I am very happy that I found this place.



Good day at work

Today I had a really good day at work. We reached and exceeded our budget for the first time in these days. The budget have been very high as it has been the design fair and the management expected good results but we haven't really reached it a single day... Yesterday I felt so bad when I left and I was expecting my manager to totally tell me off today. She didn't but she strictly told me we (I) HAVE to sell more, and I did. Today I sold more than I've done in all these days together I think so I went home with a big smile on my face!

I can't decide if I like my job or not. I know I'm not the perfect shop assistent pushing people to buy lots and lots but I kind of like to be at work anyway. I like the contact with the customers and I loooove Rinaschente and all my collegues. It's a massive department store with lots of young girls, guys and gays working there and everyone are so friendly and helpful. I get to know new nice people every day. I must say I love it!

Now I gonna watch 'Italia's got talent' with Francesca. So fanny!

(sorry for always looking so ugly and strange in the pics I take at work but obviously I have to hind to take them and the light gets wired...)

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A cold Sunday in Milano

After lunch today I went out to meet Stefania. We first went for a long walk in town and in parco sampione and then we sat down at piazza Duomo with a lovely ice cream from Groom. Very nice afternoon but it was sooo cold. After had eaten the icecream my hands were white and totally frosen. The news said it was 18-19 degrees today, yea right. I was happy I took my winter jacket as it can't have been more than 15 degrees! Is the summer ever gonna come this year? Can't stand the winter aaaaany more :(

Tonight I worked four hours at Rinascente again. I had so much fun and time flew, I just came and then it was time to go home.

Now I go home to eat the yammi bresaola I bought today and I then I gonna watch a movie with my flatmate. I can't eat very heavy meals this time of the day but I can't go to bed with an empty stomach either so bresaola, permasan cheese and sallad is perfect!

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18.04.2010 - Today's favourite song

(Click here to hear it in youtube)

Prendi una donna, dille che l'ami

scrivile canzoni d'amore
mandale rose, poesie
dalle anche spremute di cuore;
falla sempre sentire importante,
dalle il meglio, del meglio che hai
cerca di essere un tenero amante,
si sempre presente,
risolvile i guai.

E sta sicuro che ti lascerà
chi è troppo amato amore non dà,
e sta sicuro che ti lascerà
chi meno ama è il più forte si sa.

Prendi una donna, trattala male,
lascia che ti aspetti per ore,
non farti vivo e quando la chiami
fallo come fosse un favore
fa sentire che è poco importante,
dose bene amore e crudeltà,
cerca di essere un tenero amante
ma fuor dal letto nessuna pietà.

E allora si vedrai che t'amerà
chi è meno amato più amore ti dà,
e allora si vedrai che t'amerà
chi meno ama è il più forte si sa.

No caro amico,
non sono d'accordo,
parli da uomo ferito
pezzo di pane… lei se n'è andata
e tu non hai resistito…
Non esistono leggi in amore,
basta essere quello che sei,
lascia aperta la porta del cuore
vedrai che una donna è già in cerca di te.

Senza l'amore un uomo che cos'è
su questo sarai d'accordo con me,
senza l'amore un uomo che cos'è
e questa è l'unica legge che c'è.

Fantastic lyrics and a beautiful song, even if it's very very old :)


Sunday breakfast

What a great start of the day. Woke up at 11.30am feeling very hugry and though I didn't have any breakfast at home. Went to the kitchen to at least make some coffee and found my birthday cake left in the fridge. Normally I'm not a big fan of cakes and sweet things but now I'm hungry and it taste delicious. Yammi.

Now I gonna study a bit. Need to catch up with my "Italian B course" I'm attending from Lund university. Guess I have lots to do as I haven't done anything for two months...

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