Pool Party in Novara

Don't really know how but yesterday, in stead of going dancing at First Floor, we eneded up on a Pool- , BBQ- , and Birthday party outside Novara somewhere. It was Mario who used his charm to convince me to bring my girls to this party, that he said was just outside Milan... We ended up going more than an hour outide Milan.

...But we had fun!! :))

Me and my girls

Birthday Cake

Pool Party at 01am... (I did not have a bath)

Instead Johanna and I ended up in a hard ping pong game!
This is our teams

Italian way of drinking the after dinner liquer - Limoncello...?

Now I'm off to work...............



A great shoe doctor!

After four months in Milan I finally have found a shoe repair with human prices. Firstly the shoe repairs are veeeery hard to find (whish is wierd in the shoe country no 1) and secondly the ones I had found so far was extremly expensive (like €15 to change a small heel) and I refused to pay that.

BUT two days ago Johanna and I found this tiny little shoe repair on the street I take when walking to work. so yesterday I brough four pairs of completly destroyed shoes to him (his last day of working before the holiday) and he told be to pick them up this morning (he would go to work only for me). But when I came this morning his shop was closed, I started sweating thinking I wouldn't see my four pairs of shoes for the whole summer.... But then the tiny little man showed up from nowhere. He's tall like me - he looks like the teacher in Clueless/Mrs Waldorf's new huband in GG (same actor) and he's telling jokes I didn't understand a word of.

But I got my shoes fixed and I only paid €23 for all of them! Looks like he's done a really good job as he fixed the whole shoes not only the heel I asked for. Great start of the day!

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Italian holidays

In this clever country everyone goes on holiday at the same time... From today until the last weekend in August alomost everyone are going away and big cities like Milan and Rome will be like a desert. Stores and many companies are closing and the only open restaurants and bars will be in the centre... I think.

As I had never been in Milan (more and less) before moving here I don't know exactly how it's gonna be so I write just what I've been told. However, I guess it's gonna be depressing....

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Scusa Ma Ti Chiamo Amore

Tonight something big happened. I managed to say no to an invite to go out dancing, something I more and less never manage to do normally. Luca and his friends were going to the beach club and Johanna and I was close to join but in the end we said no and followed our plans to stay home to have movie evening together.

We saw the movie "Scusa ma ti chiamo amore", one of my favourite Italian movies. So sweet! So now I have to buy the movie number two that just came out on dvd, Scusa ma ti voglio sposare.

"Il vero amore è come i fantasmi..Tutti ne parlano, ma sono pochi quelli che lo hanno visto davvero. "

...However, tonight the movie manage to make me more sad than anything else, donno why.... But hey, since a few years back it's quite normal that I get mentaly sad when I watch the Italian love movies, so nothing to worry about, haha.

Now I'm off to bed!


~ Sugarfree - Scusa Ma Ti Chiamo Amore ~


@ work

Me and my freelance colleague Ilaria.
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Fresh weather in Milan

It's not only sweden, England and Norway that is getting cold (my friend has been complaining), even in Italy the temperatures are going down. The last days it's been around 29-30 degreen in the day and around 23 in the night. Most people are happy but I'm not, I like the heath.

However my friends the flamingos are very happy. I pass them every day on my way to work and in the last weeks they have been lying like zombies in the shaddow but today they were up running around their garden :)

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Fiat Cafe La Triennale and Old Fashion

Yesteday we first ate at Fiat Cafe La Triennale with Marta, Luca and his friends - the bar is in one of the big art museums here in Milan. We also managed to see that there are some interesting fashion exhibitions going on so now we wanna go back!

After the aperitivo at Fiat Cafe' Johanna and I went to Old Fashion, which is just next door more and less, to meet Sofie and to shake our bums a bit. Nice evening even if Old Fashion did not really show of its best yesterday.



Pics from yesterday in Como/Brunate

We really had a nice day yesterday even if I felt I mostly was stressing around of the million things I had to do and people I wanted to see. But Como is always nice and Johanna and Matteo loved it so it was a good day! :)


Now we're on our way out for ape with some friends and then we'll hit the dance floor at Old Fashion.



On our way down from Brunate

Brunate is a small city on the top of the mountin behind como. Since first time in Como I been dreaming of going up there and today finally Johanna, Matteo and I managed to get the little train (cable car) up there. It was nice but as we were above the clouds we didn't see a lot. This is a pic taken from the train on the way down.

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In como

Has been to the hair dresser and had lunch with Bianca. Now we're on our way up to Brunate....

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Yesterday was a good day!

Johanna's first day in Milan was great. I followed her to school and waited for her class to sleep. Then we went for past lunch at Ristorante Pepe followed by few hours shopping. We also managed to pass Amorino for a delicious icecream.

Yesteday night we went to Wasabii Bar Moda for sushi aperitivo. Then Andrea came to join us for some drinks before all three of us went to my place to wait for Matteo.

The four of us had a good evening, talking and laughing :)) Now I miss old times a bit.

However, I'm the lucky one. I'm regulary in touch with Johanna, I meet Andrea almost every week and in September Matteo should be moving to Milan. Fingers crossed.

Today I'm crazily tired and I'm upset because my room that yesterday was very clean and orginized now is a big mess and it smells like a "Acqua ti Gio perfume" fabric.

I'm also in a hurry because in 3840 minutes I have to catch the train to go to Como. I better hurry up to kick Matteo out of his bed to make a move :)


The gang was reunited for a night

For an evening plus a night the gnag was back together! Andrea came from London and Matteo from Basano di Grappa to be able to meet. So much fun! Everything got back to what it was five 5 years ago in Ireland, that's when we last met all together... the time when the four of us did absolutely everything together like a big family. Two swedish girls and two Italian guys - the perfect mix :)

Now Andrea is off to work, Johanna to school and I will go back to bed. Manged to sleep three hours tonight so I can hardly keep my eyes open!



09am in school

This morning I was nice enough to get up at 07am to join Johanna to school. She's attending the same language school that I did when I arrived here. Now's she's having class and I will wait for her...

This school are full of memories for me. Memories of excitement and happiness... I got here when I just moved to Italy, when everything was fresh and new and I remember loving it! And I still do!

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With Johanna at Diana Majestic

Johanna is here!!! :))
Picked her up at the station, left her bafs at home and then we went straight out... Welcome to my never resting life Johanna ;)

Now we're at Diana Club, the bar at Diana Majestic (sheraton hotel). So beautiful here! Good start for Johanna in Milan.

Time for girl talk all evening long, so much to catch up about. Last time we met was in December when I lived in another country, had another
Job, another boyfriend, other friends and yea a compleatly different life =D

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Johanna is coming tomorrow!!

Tomorrow one of my best friends will come to Milan to visit me. We met when I did my erasmus ex-change in Limerick in Ireland.... We met in the library my second weeks there when Andrea and I were choosing what courses to take. I invited her to a little party in my place the same evening and she came, since that day we were unseperatable, we met every day and did every thing together during our stay there. Andrea and Matteo (that you see on the pic) was with us most of the time too and I spent part of the best time in my life with them during those months.

Amazing memories!!!

Anyway tomorrow Johanna is coming here to stay with me for two weeks. She gonna take an Italian course and we gonna have so much fun together!!

Time to sleep so I'm fit for fight tomorrow when she comes :)



Last lunch with the gang

As I wrote earlier, today I had the leaving lunch with Francesca's friends at Ivan's place in Sesto. His Spanish mum had prepared a fresh and healthy lunch for us, very nice.
Now they're all leaving Italy to go back to their countries, boooring.

I hate good byes :(

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