(Make up artist Antonio Silva and I)

As all my girlfriends in the last second have decided to stay home because of the rain I have once again to go out with strangers.... Mario, a nice guy I've met once before is soon picking me up and will bring me to some halloween parties with his friends (more than one if I understood it right). This is how I look - crazy make up for a crazy night.


Yeay, it's raining!

So time to inaugurate my new wellington boots. I got them in London and they were very hard to find. I needed a pair of Hunter size 1, nothing else, and I rushed through whole London searching for them. In the end I found them, but in green, not black like I wanted, but hey I only paid £30 so I shouldn't complain.

Now I gonna take them out for their first rainy walk...

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G Lounge Milan

On my way home on a freezing tram. Been to the belvedere vodka bar with Sofie having some catch up talk as it was quite a while since we met last time.

G lounge was nothing special, even if everyone talks so well about it. A coke cost 10euro (fixed price for whatever u ordered) and I can't say I'm overly impressed of the famous place.

Now I can't wait to hit my pillow. I keep being constantly tired, but after a long day at work maybe that's normal?

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Trick or treat

Ilaria and I.

This is how we work at rinascente :) Dressed like pretty devils and eating candy all day long. How can I not love my job?

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I'm a Bio Oil lover!

In London I obviously took the opportunity to buy myself a bottle of Bio oil. I love it! I use it both as a night cream for my face, as a body cream, breast cream and hand cream and it leaves the skin very very soft.

Basically, Bio-Oil is a multi-purpose skincare product that combines Vitamin A, E, lavender oil, rosemary oil along with a new ingredient called PurCellin Oil to help reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks, even out skin tone and treat dehydrated skin without clogging your pores. It can be used al over the body and it does not leave a oily feeling.
Great great great!


UK's X Factor - First 3 weeks

What is that???

Having an X-factor evening (catching up the three weeks I've missed), enjoyed it until we got to this one...? I can understand why the twins got quite far last year, they created a funny show, but this one is just terrible! Who is voting for him?

But lets concentrate on the real good ones. My favourites are for sure Cher Lloyd and Katie Waissel. Cher Lloyd will, even if she would not win the X factor competition, become a popstar, no doubt about that!

See my favourite girls here:

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Chocolate for my manager...

...For giving me 5,5 days off during the Christmas rush, even if LVMH said they really needed the little english speaking girl until the 8pm the 24th december. (nightmare)

Even if I had some Christmas invitations to celebrate it the Italian way with families in or around Milan, I highly appriciate to be able to spend Christmas with my own family, like I've always done

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Efficient morning

After nine hours sleeping I felt better and in two hours I've been able to do a lot.... Self papering with Khiels hair masque and Givenchy face masque; fixed lunches to bring to work today, tomorrow and sunday; unpacked the rest of my luggage from London and washed some clothes.

Now I'm off to work for a 9 hours working shift, puh.

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Too tired to make halloween plans...

Don't even know what I'm still doing awake.... Got home from work, had a late dinner, watched gossip girl, looked for tickets online, had some talk about love and guys with Luisa and now I'm in front of the PC as I thought I had to blog before going to bed.

This weekend it's the halloween weekend, which means there are lots of nice parties around town. But as I'm constantly feeling so tired the last days I don't fancy dressing up as something strange and I don't even fancy going out partying. Maybe I'm sick, because it's not normal that I don't wanna go to parties.... Hmm, better go to bed now and see how I feel tomorrow.


One of those days

Today I'm having one of thoses days I just wish I could had stayed inbed all day.

This morning I had the alarm on at 10am but I didn't manage to get up until 10.45, exhausted. I'm just feeling so weak and tired. Today I'm working all day with my manager who's discussing time tables, plans and christmas holidays - things I would love to talk about but today my head is just not working.

Can't wait to finish work and just go home and relax!

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Dinner with friends

Great to come home from work; tired after these days in London, the flight and the work; and have a lovely home made dinner waiting for you together with 5 funny friends.

Francesca cooked owen grilled meat and potatos and also made home made orange chocolat mouse for dessert. She's one of best chef's I know and also this time the food was delicious.

Now I really need to go to bed asap before I fall asleep standing up...



Back in sunny Milan

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Bye bye London

I really really had a great time!
Thanks everyone!

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An early good morning

Got up at 06.20 and Erkan helped me to south ealing which it's just some stops away from heathrow.

Now I'm here waiting for the tube and I'm so tired. Yesterday I stayed up quite late talking about love, dreams and life with Phil and Erkan. Erkans slept on the sofa and left his bed to me, so kind of him, but I just slept few hours anyway.

Can't wait to get on the plane and sleeeeeep! This afternoon I'm working and tonight I'm meeting friends.... 'ingen rast ingen ro'

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An evening in Ealing

As I'm leaving back to Milan early tomorrow morning from Heathrow I decided to go and sleep in Erkan's place tonight. We've been to the pub with his friends and now I'm in Erkans room together with Erkan and Phil singing songs and talking about love :)

Tomorrow I'm going back to Italy! Both looking forward to it and not.

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Begging for money on the underground

I'm at bond street waiting for the tube, some young people came by with some buckets asking for money for breast cancer research. Just when I was about to give them some coins the police comes down, checking their contract (they were actually working for a proper charity!) but they did not have the permision to ask for money in the underground so they had to join the polices to the police station.... I felt sorry for the charity workers but at the same time it's quite nice being able to travel without beggars everywhere on the underground.

I started thinking of the tube in Stockholm and Milan were beggars and music players are asking for money almost every time I catch the tube and the security does nothing. Don't even know, is it illegal in Sweden and Italy to beg for money?

It's quite impressive how well UK and London really works in many aspects. They manage to keep beggers of the tubes and almost of the streets and even more worth to mention is that UK is like the only country who s being able to control their crazy football fans while Italy and Sweden are not able to do anything to stop the football fans destroy the cities and hurt each other. What's the secret UK?

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Almost a pub dinner

Couldn't leave UK without an evening at the pub. Tonight we were supposed to go to the pub for hamburger dinner but all the pubs we checked out were over packed so we ending up going to all bar one instead, still for a hamburger meal.

On the pics; me, Per and Tobi.

One thing is clear, I've been eating like mad these days in London and quite unhealthy as well....

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Stress stress

It's been lovely being here in London but far to much stress. Feels like all I've done is running around town looking for things and meeting people.

After the lunch with Gambii I was really running to find the boots and then I had to RUN up to Baker street for coffee with Hans at Starbucks and then RUN home to pack my things in 20 minutes and now I'm late to meet Tobi and Per down at a pub in Bond Street. Sigh.

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Beautiful Fortnum & Mason

Went for lunch with Gambii at Busaba and then like all Italians here in London we went for coffee at Princi.

Now I'm now running around the town trying to find a pair of hunters in my kids show size. Thought I would be able to find them here Fortnum & Mason (they used to have it) but they don't. However I'm all amazed how beautiful this store it!!!

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In London without an umbrella...

After three beautiful sunny days today the tipical english weather is back. That means it's kind of raining, but kind of not.

I was so smart I didn't pack un umbrella so today I'm around London without. Hope it's not gonna start raining more.

Now I need to pass some shops on oxford street and then I'm going for kunch with Alessandro who's also on a visit in London these days.

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Thai dinner with my friends

I miss my friends I got here london when I'm in Milan and I also miss thai food. So tonight I orginized a dinner with friends at my favourite thai restaurant; Thai Thai East in Old Street. It was nice to spend some more time with my friends and the food was as always very good!

Now I'm back "home" (in Tobi's place) and we're watching the new Robin Hood movie.



Lunch with Kris at Whole food

Whole food is my favourite supermarket. The day I get really rich I only gonna buy my food there ;)

Today I went to their top floor for lunch with Kristofer. We both had a tostada full of yammi things. It was very very nice but I ate a little bit too much and I still feel very full. The problem is I'm soon on my way out for thai dinner with some other friends. I gonna explode.



Flu vaccine taken!

Went to the doctor to get a free health control, blood test and the prescription for my asthma medicines (that cost not even one third here compared what I pay for them in Sweden) and the doctor manage to convince me to get this year's flu vaccine, something I never even though about taken and never been taken before. However now I got it, together with everything else I wanted, everything for free!!

England I love you!

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My old street!!

I can admit it, I so miss living here. There is no place like London!!

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No mobile coverage in the London's tube

I remember I used to like that there were no mobile network coverage in the underground in London. It was like a nice and calm mobile free zone. You don't need to hear people screaming on their phones like they do in Stockholm and Milan.

But today I hate it. I'm late and I can't communicate. I get stressed and feel terrible. And day's like this I can't understand they don't put it in. Gah.

This morning I spent one hour in primark (I almost wanted to suiside in there) and I did some more shopping in other stores on oxford sstreet. Now I'm off for lunch with Kris.

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Another beautiful sunny day in London

The air is chilly but the sun is warm,it's really a beautiful day!

Now I gonna go for breakfast at Paul's then go SHOPPING!!

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Well needed cosy evening at home

Having movie evening with Tobi watching the action movie '2012'. I'm so tired and I think I also might be on my way getting a cold so having a night in was just what I needed.

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Swedish meatball dinner with Tobi

Yam yam!!

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My computer hero!!

You're the best Eric!


Brunch with the girls at Breakfast Club in Soho

My Chai latte!!! Something I really been missing in Italy. They have amazing coffee but I never seen chai latte's around in Milan.
My massive English breakfast portion. Very good but maybe I ate a little bit too much.
Stina, Eva and I
Karin and Cissi
I really liked the breakfast club; cosy place and very nice food and drinks.


After a lovely brunch with the girlsS I now gonna spend the rest of the afternoon at Starbucks with Eric. We're drinking coffee, eating muffins and trying to sort my computer out.

Fingers crossed!

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A night at Floridita with my wonderful friends

It was sooooo nice to see most of my friends yesterday!! I have missed them so much...

We went to floridita, drank mojitos and danced salsa. Lovely night!

Me and my girls!!! Smack!Me, Per and Annah
The girl gang
Andreas, Ida and I

Per, myself and Adam...
Me, Gustav and Annah
My girl!
Erkan carrying me around
Pretty girl!!
Me, Paolo and Annah
China food on the street
Disgusting but so yammi when you're cold and hungry in the middle of the night

Annah's feet were hurting...

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