Baciami ancora - most depressing film of the year!

At home I have the movie 'L'ultimo bacio', a movie I kind of liked. It's not as good as many of the other Italian romantic movies I got but it was nice. This year a second film came out called 'Baciami ancora'. It stoped going on the cinemas more and less when I moved here and then I've been thinking of buying it but never did. Thanks god.

Tonight after a nice curry dinner Francii, Luisa, Alessandro and I watched it as they showed it on SKY and I must say it was one of the most depressing movies I've ever seen. The whole film was about 4 different but all terrible relationships. Noone in the movie was happy.

After seeing this movie I must say I'm very happy to be single ;) Better be alone and be happy then being two sharing lots of problems like my friend said!


Crackers with love from Sweden

Look what I found at the supermarket... Crostini Krisprolls with the text 'love from sweden? :) But I have never seen krisprolls in Sweden???

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Shopping with Una

Been out for hours.but the only thing I've bought is two pairs of leggings, one black pair and the other in leopard color ;-)

Tonight, believe it or not, I'm staying at home, cooking dinner with Francii.

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Lunch with Vale...

...and now time for shopping! I want a fur... Haha ;)

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Winter fashion 2010 by J. Mendel

For me J. Mendel is a quite unknown brand and even if I've never before been a big fan of fur I must say that this winter collection attracted me a lot. It's sweet, trendy, elegant and cosy!

Waiting for the snow to come to Milan so I can dress like this as well :)



Exam done!

After work today I brought with me my laptop and went to Yguana, bought a fruit smoothie and finished my exam. I started this weekend but was too tired to have it done so today I wrote the last part, controlled it and sent it to the professor. Lets hope he will give me a good vote!

Then Stefania came and we enjoyed the lovely happy hour aperitivo at Yguana and talked about the interesting weekend we have had.

Maria studying hard!
Stefii enjoying the food
Maria at Piazza San Lorenzo, and yes it was freezing cold!
Now I'm in bed and I wanted to watch a Gossip girl episode so it was a big dissappoitment that no new episode came out last week :( Hmmm... maybe I will watch a movie instead, like The Social network that I actually would love to see...


The Swedish consulate in Milan

Now on my coffee break I went to the Swedish consulate here in Milan. I didn't even knew it existed but the other day I found out that it's just one minute walk from Rinascente!

It's only one person working there part time so I went to see her. Very nice and helpful woman. We talked about Italian life and the job market. She also told me I should go to the police to inscribe myself in Italy.

She also invited me to the Swedish Christmas market the 7th Dec and the Swedish Lucia celebration in duomo the 13th.. For sure I will go!

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Fabri Fibra - Speak English

~ Fabri Fibra - Speak English ~

One of the most stupid songs I ever heard I think. I liked it a lot until I read the full lyrics then I got more sceptic... but hey, it's still clatchy. Go Fibra!

Click here to hear it in English,. This version really makes me laugh :)

A good laugh before going to bed yesterday and another one before going to work now 08am in the morning. Good start of the week?



A good laugh before going to bed

* * * * * * * * *
1. Go to Google maps
2. Click on "get directions"
3. Write Japan as your start point
4. ...and China as your destination
5. Click on Get direction
6. Go down to number 43...

* * * * * * * * *
1. Andate su Google Maps
2. Cliccate su "Indicazioni Stradali"
3. Scrivete Giappone come punto di partenza.
4. Scrivete Cina come punto di arrivo
5. Cliccate "ottieni indicazioni stradali"
6. Andate al numero 43 delle indicazioni...

* * * * * * * * *

So funny :)

Good night and sweet dreams


Rinascente by night

Look how nice they have decorated my lovely Rina!! :)

Time to go home and sleep!

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Happy first Advent!

This is now me and Luisa celebrate it... By putting up the Christmas tree in the entrance, having some Christmas music on, candles all over the flat and drinking swedish blueberry soup. Cosy day!! Too bad I have to go to work soon.... And it's not snowing outside like everyone said it would :-(

Happy first advent Sunday everyone!

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a night at LOTVS

Yesterday night wasn't overly good planned and I keep getting bloody fed up with everyone who can't plan so yesterday Stefii and I just said "lets go to Lotvs" and then whoever wanna come will come. Good plan! Ended up seeing lots of my friends as step by step everyone came by: when one left someone else came... :)

Marii & Stefii
Una & Etore
Alberto & Alberto
Albee & Stefii rocking on the dance floor
Me & Albii

Later on Mario & Stefano came by as well...
A night out in Milan is never complate without Mario :))
The dancing queens!
...and then the dancing king Giose showed up. Must have been two months since last time I saw him so it was fun!



The winter is here and the Italians goes mental

End of November and the temperature is around 5 degrees here in Milan. Yesterday morning the ground was slightly white and immediately the Italians started to write about all the snow on their facebook status... planning snowball war on piazza duomo etc

Today I've heard few snowflakes are coming down outside the city centre which means people are hysteric and can't go outside their homes.

I remember the ridiculous chaos in London the few times snow came down but Italy seems to be even worse. Can't wait for this snow to come to see the show!

Now I gonna walk to work, even if the snow miiight be on it's way... One more people who's calling me to say they can't go out because of the (non existing) now will really drive me mad.


Winter fashion 2010 by Emma Cook

I like this style, especially the shoes are very much my style. But the British brand Emma Cook has also like always made some fantastic evening dresses. I want!


Crazy night at Cost

50 pictures taken yesterday but not a single good one... :(
However, we had fun!
Sara, Stephanie and I
The three crazy ones; Me, Mario and Stephanie


Good night

Just had a yammi piadina alla maria for breakfast and now it's time to go to bed and sleep. It's becoming normal friday night hours to go to bed at 07am in the morning... Not good!
Thanks god I'm starting work at 6pm tomorrow!

Good night

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Like I wrote earlier today, here in Italy everything comes slowly... Italy is a country is many years behind in its development and the people takes things as it comes, the manana manana attitude :)

...and see, like 10 years after other countries Italy now got amazon, yeay!!

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You speak English and I answer you in Italian!

Yesterday after work I went out for dinner in Brera with Veronica and afterwards we went to n'ombra de vin with her boyfriend Gabrielle and his friend Ale.

Veronica and I know eachother from Rinascente where we obviously speak Italian all day long so also when we go out we speak Italian. But she met her boyfriend speaking only English and even if she now speaks perfecly Italian she still speaks to him in English and he answers in Italian, exactly like I used to do with my dad and with my ex... and I still do with Luisa and Valentina - people I got to know in London.

The funny thing was that when Veronica's boyfriend arrived she started to speak English also with me but I answered in Italian. Which is absolutely the other way around from what I'm used to.

n'ombra de vin
Veronica and I
Gabrielle and Veronica

Isn't it wierd how you get used to speak to a person in one language and then it's impossible to change and start speaking in another language to that same person. I'm swapping in between English, Italian and Swedish on a daily bases without any major problems but to some people I am just able to speak for example English, to others in Swedish and now also Italian to some.

I thought I was strange doing this but now I know it's perfectly normal! :)


I'm 100% free to be myself!

I'm strange! I'm different! I' m me!

When I think about my lovely Swedish friends back in Sweden I can really see how differnt my life is compared to theirs. I play around in my life like a kid while they are developing grown up lives. I hang out every evening while they more often spend the evenings at home. I don't see myself with a villa, volvo and babies within the next 2-3 years while many people in my age in Sweden does. In that kind of way I'm more Italian; I'm more social, less serious and more childish.

Instead I am different from the Italians in the way I think and behave. I am more organized, I plan more, I am always on time and I more importantly I am always very honest. I don't say Italians are layers but they talk a lot, promise a lot and then nothing happens. They also are very good at talking about themselves by adding on some small extra bits to make it sound good which I wouldn't say many Swedes do. I'm also more structured, if I wanna have something done I make sure to make it happen. Here it's more manana manana... It will happen but you might have to wait few months for it.... I always want to have it done n o w! Also I would never promise to do something and then not show up or cancel in the last second which I have realised people often do here. Then I rather take away bits of my stories to make sure they are 100% true than add on extra bits. If I promise to help someone I would then also do it otherwise I would feel so ashamed. Here they are really good talkers and I have learned to listen with half the ear many times and not to take them 100% serious... So wherever I am, I'm different - I'm strange!

However, the older I get the more I accept to follow my own dreams and don't listen or look to much at others. I go on with things I like and make sure to change things I don't like. I love to have fun and there for I make sure to make the best of every day, to laugh a lot and constantly enjoy myself. People might say I'm not serious and don't live the proper life of a 29 year old girl should do but why should I change when I like it the way I have it? It's just 100% me!

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