Gonna have my 30th birthday party in Stockholm!

A month ago I handed in my holiday request for 4 days off in April to be able to organize a birthday party over there. As I'm normally not allowed to have Sundays off it took them some time to think over it but on Monday I finally got it approved and yesterday I manage to book tickets. Easyjet have stopped flying Milan-Stockholm and thanks to that Lufthansa (that I'm normally flying with) have taken the opportunity to raise the prices, a bit annoying.

I will be in Stockholm from the 7th to the 11th of April and I will hopefully have my birthday party together with my friend Johanna on Saturday the 9th. Everything is still to be organized...

Please help me with ideas of bars/clubs where to hold the party!!!!



  1. The White Room är ett soft ställe!

  2. Ambassadeur eller Berns!!! :o)

  3. Heh, seems like our birthdays are on the same day (or almost, at least!)


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