A Saturday night that made me think....

Tonight after work I first went shopping in town before I took the tram down to navigli to go for an aperitivo with Torri and Stefano. Once again we ended up in Bobino for a while and then we went out walking around along the navigli rivers - it was nice but would had been even nicer if the temperature had been higher than the 7 degrees we had... Brrr...

Later on in the evening I ended up in a deep discussion about love, life and relationships, obviously in Italian. That's when I for the first time since I'm here really realised my limits with the Italian language - I wasn't able to express even half of the thing I wanted to say. Maybe it's a bit harsh again myself to expect me being able to have these kind of talking after less than a year in Italy but at the same time I believe that communication is so important in life and if I'm not able to express mt thoughts I start wonder how I gonna be able to live my life here...?

Maybe something to think over for a while.... Now I'm off to bed. Gooood night!

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  1. Don't be to hard against yourself. I live in London since 6 years and I feel the same with my English. I'm already very impressed that you manage to express yourself the way you do in English. You're good but you have to believe in yourself.

  2. Det är ord som är svåra att formulera även på ditt eget språk så jag förstår det är svårt att ta diskussionen i ditt tredje språk. Tycker du är duktig och tycker inte du ska överväga ditt framtida Italienska liv bara för en liten diskussion.

    Språket kommer sakta men säkert, jag tror på dig. Din kärlek till Italien kommer ta dig långt!

  3. na na na questo non va bene, vogliamo la pazza dancing queen single, non fidanzata. Non provarci neanche piccolina!!! Ti kiamo stasera cosi ne parliamo. Bacini e buona domenica. Forza la roooma

  4. ohh noo miss deep talk is back. That must only mean one thing.... Loooooveee iiiiisss iiiiinnn theeee aaaaaiiiiirrrr.... Mohahaha


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