Modà feat. Emma - Arriverà

~ Modà feat. Emma - Arriverà ~

In these days it's impossible to turn on the radio without hearing this song. I first didn't like it at all, then I started to like it, but now as radio and tv has been terrorizing us too much with it I start not liking it anymore :)


A jet plane inside Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle

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Aperitivo at Cheese Cocktail Bar

Cheese - Picture taken from internetThe lovely food buffet - a good mix of both hot and cold food which they change constantly during the evening.
Three Rinascente girls having a girly after work aperitivo at Cheese Cocktail Bar :))

Address: Via Celestino 4
Area: Colonne/Tricinese
Price: €10


In love with Liz Lisa

I never heard about the brand 'Liz Lisa' before, until I the other day saw a sweet dress in a fashion magazine and found the website. They got so many sweet things and I just fell in love. Unfortunately I don't manage to get the online store in English and to understand the prices and delivery cost in Japanese is not overly easy... But I wouldn't say no to some new, small and sweet flowery dresses for this summer :))


Street Dance 3D with Torri

Tonight it was cinema time again and I was the lucky one to choose the movie; I choose Street Dance in 3D. I absolutely love this kind of movies and I also fell in love with this one. Good movie, nice story, cool music and amazing dancers. The 3D effects were quite facinating as well.
Look at the trailer below:

Official movie trailer

I was very happily surprise to see my "britain's got talet" idols Diversity in the movie. They are so great. Look at the video from the royal performance they did, wow wow wow.

Time to sleep. Tomorrow I'm working.



Pilates and kettlebells

My free gym week goes on.... Even if I woke up with legs hurting after the two hours at the gym yesterday I got myself up of the bed and down to the gym. Today I tried on pilates and kettlebells.

Who would ever believe that pilates would be that hard? The teacher choose me as his terror object and forced me to work until the sweat was poring. After 45 minutes of the terrifying pilates it was time for the kettlebells (that I never in my life have tried before). This time the instructor was a bit nicer to me so in the end I survived. The kettlebells practices was interesting and they manage to train the whole body; legs, bums, back, shoulders and arms. On top of that we did exercises also for the belly. No wonder I got tired....

Now I'm at home and my muscles are shaking of exhaustion. Wanna have both lunch and a shower but the cleaning lady is around another hour and I have to wait, so I think I'll have a nap instead.



A night at 'La hora feliz' with Stefii

Yammi (but spicy) food, great cocktails and lots lots lots of girl talk :))


Hard start of the free gym week

For this week Francii fixed us a free week at the gym just next to where we live. I didn't even know we had a gym one minute away from our door but we do, and this week we're allowed to try the gym, the fitness classes and the squash for free.

I started off today with two hard hours of fitness classes; G.A.G (gambe, addominali e glutine = legs, bums and tums), STEP and Body Pump.

G.A.G was hard for the legs but I liked it. The STEP was very very fun but also very hard. In some kind of way I manage to learn the step combination in the end but half class was standing still or just jumping up and down. My coordination skills that used to be quite good is back on the bottom, sigh. The body pump was only half an hour, 15 minutes of pumping and 15 minutes of streching so not at all like the body pump I used to love at SATS in Stockholm....

Now my body is destroyed and all I want is to sleep but soon I'm off for work and tonight I'm meeting Stefii. No time for rest ;)

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Pics from a fantastic day in beautiful Varenna


The botanic garden of Villa Cipressi.

Yammi lunch in the sun by the lake - me like :))


After a cold winter this beautiful day by the Lecco lake was a good reminder why I actually live in Italy - the most beautiful country I ever known <3

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