Interesting lunch @ Osteria del Corso

Matteo & Fabrizio

My 'paccheri al ragu'

Vieri and his friends playing cards

Crap foto of Maldini

Just got out from a lunch at Ostera del Corso with Matteo and Fabrizio. Nice restaurant, lovely food and good company. But more interesting than that was that the place was full of football players and ex-football players. At the table just next to ours Christian Vieri was sitting eating and playing cards with his friends. I found it quite fun that they were playing cards at the restaurant, or actually playing scopa with normal poker cards, but I hardly recognized the players. BUT I lost my breath when Paolo Maldini got in...

Just a week ago, when playing a question game with some friends, answering the question which famous Italian man I would like to get to knew personally, I answered Maldini. And today he was there at the restaurant with his long brown hair and sparkling blue eyes talking to almost everyone at the restaurant (not to us). He is and have always been my biggest football hero and I should obviously had asked for a foto with him but suddenly I was too shy, damn it... :)

Now the little paparazzi Maria gonna relax with a nice book before heading towards Assago for a movie night at the cinema with Torri.

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  1. ohh underbara Maldini. Jag skulle svimmat om han kom in på en restaurang där jag satt :)

  2. NO FUCKING WAY, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you so fucking much! Maldini is my biggest idiol, he is the hero of my team and I would give everything I have to see him in real life. It is not possible that you just happen to see him over a normal lunch out with friends. You and your blog are disgusting. Fuck off.


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