Questions and answers

Favourite dish? - Sushi
Favourite drink? - Passion fruit cocktail
Drink and dish you like less? - Anchovies and beer
Favourite alcoholic drink? - Long island
Do you use butter on your bread? - Yes
Candy or crisps? - Crisps
Favourite ice cream? - Italian lemon ice cream
Do you have a healthy style? - Sometimes yes, sometimes no
Is keeping fit important for you? - Yes

How much do you spend on shopping each month? - Donno. Lots I guess.
Do you have more shoes than clothes? - No, but I got loads
Favourite clothing? - Short skirts with high heels
Less liked clothing? - Long skirts
High heels or trainers? - High heels
Cute or sexy style? - Cute
Do you like a sporty style? - Yes, a lot
Is looking good important for you? - Hmm... guess so.

Do you work or do you study? - Work
Do you enjoy your job / your education? - Yes
Do you already have finished a degree? - Yes, international business studies
Is you salary very important? - It's important but not very important.
What's your dream job? - Donno. To work in HR maybe...
Is your work important for you? - Yes, it's where I spend most of my time...

Apartment or house? -Shared flat
Small or huge? - We are three girls in a three bedroom flat
Dream Living? - In a nice little house close to the city and close to the sea
Do you wanna live in the country or in the middle of a town? - Right now I wanna live in the city centre but not in the future...
Cozy or sterile? Cozy!!!
Is your house/flat important for you? - Yes, it's important that I feel good at home!

Do you have children? -No
Do you want to have children? - Yes
Is infidelity okay? -NO!!!
Are you deeply in love with someone? -No
Do you have a partner? -
Does your family mean much to you? -YES!!!
Do you easily trust people? - NO!
Are you loyal? - Yes
Are you romantic? - Yes
Do you believe in marriages? - I hope so
Is it important for you to have a partner? - No
Do you like to drink and get drunk? - Mostly not
Home Parties or nightclubs? - Both!
Do you drink and drink? - No, I don't drive
Do you have many friends? - Yes
Are your friends important for you? - YES!!!


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