Rainy Wednesday

This morning I woke up early but as I heard how the rain was falling heavily outside my window I stayed in bed another three hours, so nice. I got up at 11.30am, went to the kitchen to have a caffe' latte, turned on the TV and found the film "Notte prima degli esami" on SKY and together with Francesca I saw it all. I have just seen it once before but as it is such a good movie I remembered it very well. Love it!

Favourite frase of the movie: "L'importante non è quello che trovi alla fine di una corsa... L'importante è quello che provi mentre corri."

(= The importance is not what you find in the end of a run; the most important is what you experience on the way there...)

Now I need to eat, shower, choose clothes for tonight and then put my Wellington boots on and head to work.



  1. ma anche con questo tempo di merda vuoi andare all'old fashion stasera? sarebbe più bello fare serata film a casa tua, no? bacini

  2. no no, io vado all'old stasera! Serata film lo fatto ieri sera e anche mattinata film oggi... ;)


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