Friday the 20th

Today is this week's only day off from work. I would like to stay in bed whole day but as the sun is shining, it's 27 degrees and I have lots of things I want to do I got up of bed already at 10am this morning. I had breakfast and soon I'm off for lunch with Marta at our favourite restaurant. Later on I'm meeting Una in Sampione park and we gonna spend some hours going through Italian interview questions. Then if I have time I gonna go swimming before heading home to get prepared for the evening out.

I feel I have a good Friday in front of me :)


1 comment:

  1. Du jobbar 6 dagar i veckan men du har ända tid att göra så mycket mer i ditt liv än vi vanliga Stockholmare. Antingen är det du som person eller så är det Milano som har mycket mer att erbjuda?


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