Another shame for Italy and it's football

Today I woke up with to the big news about match fixing cheating in the Italian football... Read about it here "In English" or "in Italiano".

For me the Italian football is the one and only in the world; it's the football I follow with my heart and my soul; it's the football I want to belive in and admire but now once again we've seen results of a country that doesn't really work like it should do. Neither politically or football vice. Italy doesn't develop like the other European countries as there are too many people doing all they can to cheat. A good example is that not even 40% of the inhabitants in Italy pay their taxes like they should.... We've seen cheating in the Italian football before and now once again we have to feel that shame, because is that is what I do, I feel so sad for what have happened and I also feel part of the shame...


Ps. Adding a link to the Swedish journalist Marcus Birro that have written an amazing article about the scandal.

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