confused woman

Today at work was a good day. I must have made one of my selling records so even if I was sad I left my work with a smile on my face. Then I spent the evening at home with Stefii talking about life, love and hate; past, present and future; hopes and disappointments; friendships and relationships etc. etc. It's amazing how much things are circulating in a woman's head... But one thing is clear, I am 100% confused what I want in my life. Can't have it all so it's a question of choosing and I just wish someone would knew what would be the best choice.

Sorry for a very confusing blog post. To try to explain myself a little bit I can say that I keep receiving too much negative news lately and I start feeling it as a sign for making a big change, I just don't want to.

Now I gonna go to bed, but I know I won't sleep. It's too hot and I got too much things in my little head.

Good night anyway.


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  1. I know directly what ur thinking but think twice babe. u might not see the treasure u've found....


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