Day 2 in Desenzano

We love posing for the camera.... so that's what we spend the day doing :))

At the Golden Beach
Suddenly it stared falling some rain drops but the well orginized Svede obviously had an umbrella in her bag...

The ice cream lover...

In front of the Golden Beach bar
Spend an hour walking around in the public park which was very nice and well treated

Total relax ;)
Took a long walk along the lake...
Had a look in the cathedral of Desenzano
Walked all the way up to the castle...

Quick posing down the lake again before the heavy rain hit us and we rushed back to Milan

By Desenzano. I hope to go back soon!!



  1. Impressive body you got

  2. two nice bikinis!!

  3. u could do the glamour model with those melons (-:


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