Down Town party at Old Fashion + Just Cavalli

A colleague of mine had given me invitations to the Down Town summer party at Old Fashion yesterday. I brought with me my sweet Steppi and we popped by to have a look. Unfortunately we came a bit late so we missed the dance show but we manage to get some free food, free drinks, ice creams, sweets and presents from Chanel. Not bad at all :)

They also offered free manicure by Chanel but we didn't do it, unfortunately...

The theme for the night was Grease, some people took it very seriously others didn't....
Around midnight all the Down Town guests left the party and lots of desperate kids started to arrive to Old Fashion so we decided to leave and instead have a look in Just Cavalli. It was packed of people; good looking and overly posh as always; full of B stars from the Italian big brother and football teams; everyone just walking around to show up, well that's the typical nights of Just Cavalli. We had fun anyway!



  1. Bella serata. Baciotto

  2. You both got very smooth and lovely looking skin. What products do you use? And do you take some extras?

  3. danigorgeous11/06/2011, 23:15

    anch'io volevo il regalo chanelllllllll. ti perdono per questa volta. eravate favolose come al solito. baciii marliiiiiii


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