The fashion country with stupied bra sizes....

Today's been kind of a no-no-day. I worked all day with my colleague Elisa, it was a while ago it was only the two of us there so we had a good time. Unfortunately Monday's is not the top in selling so it was easy to get board...

At my lunch break I went out for look for bikinis and underwear. I want a bikini in kind of a bra style but it's impossible to find one in my size, and it's the same if I would try to buy a bra here in Italy. The Italian theory is that if you are small and skinny you have small boobs, if you have big boobs then you have to be big as well. So like a normal 70(uk32) C doesn't exist here - if you cant a C cub automatically they give you size 80 (36) and they don't have anything else. Sigh. Guess I have to stick to my normal triangle bikinis and book a London trip soon to be able to buy new underwear. SIGH.

Tonight I was supposed to go to the south American festival which is now on here in Milan but the plan was changed and I went home to have a light dinner with Francii that I haven't seen since a long time. Tomorrow I'm off to the lake so now I better get everything fixed, have a shower and go to bed.

Good night.


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