Friday night in Desenzano

In the mini bus :)
The Coco Beach club
The people didn't look that fancy inside the place out outside were 5 ferraris, some porsh's and a bunch of other cars waiting while their owners enjoyed their night at Coco Beach....

Friday night didn't start off very well. At 19.45 we discovered that the hotel reception had forgot to give us back my id and Stefii's driving licences so we could not take the car, which was needed to go to the Coco beach which is located shortly outside Desenzano. So instead we walked down to town to have an aperitivo at Circus Bar in order to think and then decide what to do later on. There we met a gang of Italian guys that got all excited as Stefii and I told them we were tourists from Sweden and Russia and didn't speak a word of Italian so they offered us a ride in the hired mini bus. These stupid Italian gang was out for a bachelor party and I'm very happy that I'm not the girl getting married to that guy... However we got our ride to the club.

We got to the club slightly early but we were offered champagne by the owner so we sat down and talked until the evening started off. The place was absolutely beautiful - very stylish and trendy with a big terrace with nice sofas and dance floor on the beach. The only problem was that the clientèle wasn't equally impressive. It must have been 70% men and they were all desperate, sign. We left around 02.30am and went home to sleep. Now I sound quite negative but in reality we had lots of fun ;)

Now I gonna go to bed. I will post the pictures taken today tomorrow morning before going to bed.

Good night!


  1. Mohahaha, so ur Italian bf is letting u go alone to the seaside? ur ex didn't right? mohahha, can't stop laughing. and u complain about the italian men but how are the swedish girls then???? mohahhaha

  2. two crazy girls (:


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