A nice Tuesday

Today has been a quite good day. In the morning I went to Rinascente to ask for some days off for a second holiday to be able to go to Stockholm to visit my family. My manager fixed it immediately and now I just need to find the tickets...

Then I fixed a book delivery for Francesca before going for lunch with Marta. We went to a very nice sandwish place close to Sampione park. The foot was delicious and the prices good. Will go back for sure!

After lunch I took a nap in Sampione park and after a while Una came and joined me. The sun was very warm, almost irrestistable. Just a couple of weeks more and it will be impossible to lay in the sun in Milan....

Tonight I've been working, didn't go very well. Rinascente was almost empty and I almost gave away my sole to sell one lip stick and two lip glosses.... After work I went home to have dinner and watch Wind music awards with Luisa. That's my day, a good Tuesday I must say.


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