A night at Tocqueville

Me, Merve, Una and LisaSteppi and Torri
Merve, me and Una
Me and Torri :)

Yesterday night I finally manage to get lots of my friends together for a night out at Tocqueville. Last time I went there, like 3 months ago, I really liked it. Nice crowd and great music. Yesterday we arrived around 00.30 and the music was great, but just for an hour or so, then they turned on the usual crap house-techno-remix music and quite quickly we got annoyed and left. But it was nice to see my friends and dance a bit together for a while at least :)

Address: Via Alessio Di Tocqueville, 5



  1. danigorgeous11/06/2011, 23:05

    vabbeh.... mancavo solo io per fare un po di casino eh? evviva marliiiiii


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