When your time is not enough...

I see myself as a quite good friend. I spend lots of time with them and I'm almost always the one organizing to get my friends together for dinners, parties and other things. But my week just have seven evenings like everyone else's and I unfortunately can't go out every single evening week after week.

Tonight I had to hear from a sweet friend of mine that I'm not a good friend as maybe I won't be able to see her this week. She went on talking saying that she thinks I prioritize my boyfriend and other friends of mine more than her. I got very disappointed hearing this. I believe I'm allowed to do whatever I want and see whoever I want during the week. It is impossible to see all my friends every single week, even if I would be very happy doing it, and that's why I book my evenings for different kind of events with different friends of mine. Some weeks I might see some friends more and the next week I might not see them at all. It's normal, no? I'm trying to see my boyfriend twice a week and I don't believe that is too much either?

Lately I've been very tired and I started to go out a bit less. Both yesterday and today I spent the evenings at home and I don't see anything wrong with that but then I have to hear that I'm not a good friends because of that. No common. It's not right. To be someone's friend should not feel like a demand and it shouldn't put on a pressure. But suddenly I feel stressed. I would like to have more time but unfortunately it's impossible. I love my friends and I think/hope they all know that they are very important for me!



  1. You are a really great friend Maria!!

  2. You already seems so see your friends a lot, how would you be able to see them more?

    The time is limited for all of us, it is all about prioritizing it!

  3. for god's sake! u girls are terrible. Im so glad Im not born woman..... If I would be ur bf I would kill u, ur out with friends every fucking evening and now u complain u dont go out with them enough. if thats the guy u have chosen u better invest in him.... it's not ur friends u gonna marry one day..... wake up babe, ur not 14 anymore, ur 30 and its time to get serious with a man not with ur girlfriends!!!!!! let ur friends complain. u have millions of them, isnt that a evidence enough that u r a good friend???? Interesting but childish conversation. what does ur real best friend miss feminist erika say about it??????? or is it maybe she the one starting it? Mohahahha....

  4. Get a life J-A so you can care about yours and leave mine alone

  5. Interesting post, thanks for sharing lovely


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