Marc Jacobs bar with Stefii

In front of the Duomo

Piazza Cantore
The Marc Jacobs bar

Albii popped by to say hi :)
Empty piazza Duomo at 1.30am - a sign you can only experience in august time when all the people are on holiday...
Tomorrow my best friend in Milan is moving to Rome. I can't with words describe how sad I am and how much I will miss her. It's not the first time I loose my loved ones for moving after their careers but it's something I'll never get used to and now the pain is hitting my heart once again.

Tonight Stefii and I went for a glas of wine at the Marc Jacobs bar in Piazza Cantore. It was a beautiful and warm evening and we had a great time as always when we do something :)

Stefii, tvtb!!

Good night



  1. I can understand that you are sad but think twice; how many times haven't you left your friends when moving around all your different destinations? Check!

  2. Word! You've done it against all of us so shut up babe! She seems funny this Stefii so I'm sad to hear she's out of this blog.... buuut your boyfriend???? since ur romantic holiday he's out of the picture??? can u plz update us babe!!!!!!


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