No more half day working shifts

Yesterday was my last day of working half day. My normal working week consists of 3-4 days of 8 hours a day and 2 days of only evening work, which I loved. Hlaf day for fixing at home and go swimming, then four hour at work and then I could go for a drink directly. But now until September I will always work, like a normal person, 5 days a week and 8 hours a day. More money but less free time.

Now I'm at work, it's Saturday and we're only two working for Givenchy, donno why, but it means lots of work for us. Saturday is the shopping day here in Italy, seems like the whole country have to get to town on Saturdays. Now I'm out for a well needed coffee and I also took the opportunity to buy a 40% discounted polo from Ralph Lauren :)

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