The satisfaction of selling

I'm not a proper sales person but I work as a beauty therapist and my job consists of recommend the most appropriate creams and make up for our customers and my sales figures are very important to keep the job....
Yesterday I had one of those absolutely great days at work. I sold like never before and even if I felt like a zombie when walking home I felt a satisfaction inside.
Today I'm back at work and I hope to have just another great day! Tonight I have to pack for my next coming four days holiday at the sea side... :)
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  1. Hej. Tack för en bra blogg, blev jätteglad att jag hitta den eftersom jag ska åka till Milano om några veckor o shoppa loss ordentligt. Det blir nog en del fest också Finns det nån klubb som vi måste besöka? Tack på förhand!


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