Have a sushi and smile!

Today at work was hard. My manager was at a meeting and I had to take on all her duties, which include everything but selling. I started off the day cleaning the whole counter. Then I had to solve the problems we had for the new arrivals. Then I had to check the stock. After lunch I had a more than and hour meeting with the big boss of the floor plus some other managers. Back at the Givenchy stand I managed to work one hour before it was time to go home.

After work I went for a short shopping trip; well needed to calm down after the stressful day and then I met up my boyfriend for dinner at Jap One - forgot about all problems and manage to smile again. Thanks god for sushi!


Mexican dinner with Matteo

Tonight Matteo surprised me by popping by my work when I thought he was still on holiday. He waited for me to finish and then we took his scooter and went for dinner together in an mexican restaurant; Papas and beers, close to Porta Romana. We had a double chicken Fajitas which was extremely nice but I ate a little bit too much and now I don't even wanna think about food....

Good night!



Givenchy Je Veux La Lune Makeup Fall 2011 Collection

This is the new make up collecation from Givenchy that came out just few days ago. It is made by Artistic director Nicolas Degennes. It is goth and vampire style with inspiration by the moon. It is dark colours mixed with some light of the glowing moon.
The new lip make up is too dark for my style but I really like the eye shadows for a cool smoky eye evening make up and the absolutely adorable new shiny pink blush that I just mush have! It is called Le Prisme Blush-Glow in Lune Rosee No. 41 - it's a limited edition sculpting blush with beautiful pearly shades. Love it!!

Now I'm off to work to sell this lovely make up to some lucky customers.


Back to be a fitness girl

Thanks to lack of sleep the last nights due to hard work, hurricane and the exam I haven't felt very well today. Already this morning I felt like fainting and it didn't get better during the day at work. And, as always when I don't feel good, I also had back pain all day and today I had enough of that.

I never had problems with my back before and know it's because I stand up too much... I walk 45 minutes to get to work, I stand up eight hours and then I walk all the way back home again. The back is never resting. Today I flipped out and even if I didn't felt well I cancelled my evening plans with Stephanie and went straight to a gym close to my house and signed up for three months, so here we go, from now on I will be going twice a week to 20hours gym which situated less than 10 minutes walk from my home. I will be doing classes like aerobics, step, tone, dance, pilates and yoga and maybe some exercises in the gym too. It's a big gym, clean and well organized with nice people around. It's not my danceworks studio in London but until I find something better I'll go here. Can't wait to start! :)

Tonight I'm spending the evening at home with Louisa that is back from her holidays. Had dinner together and now we're watching a nice Italian movie.



A quite good Sunday in the end

Jumped up of bed at 08 this morning and immediately turned on the TV for the latest news about the hurricane. Don't really know why it stressed me so much but I got mental and it kept me stressed until the late afternoon.

Got to work, didn't work very well as the store pratically was empty all day. Sabino who's visiting from London came by and we went for lunch together. After work I took a long walk alone before meeting up Torri for dinner...

Lunch at Spizzico with Sabino

Dinner at Deseo with Torri

An ice cream as dessert at Groom
Time for a very crap movie that only Italians can laugh at; Natale a Beverly Hills. Sigh.



Sushi study break

Some of my friends are now back in town after their holidays and as I needed a little dinner break in the middle of my hard studies I went to Wasabii with Steppi, Sara and Fabrii. Very nice!

Now I've been studying since I got home and I'm almost done with my exam. The embarrassing part is that the only question I really don't know is the one asking about the Milaneese dialect - and I live in Milan since 1,5 year. Sigh. However, I will send in my exam tonight before going to bed!

...going to bed, how I will be able to sleep is a mystery. Now I've managed to stress myself to death for the hurricane Irene that tomorrow will hit New York. I'm watching CNN, BBC and Sky24 since hours to get info and it doesn't really help to calm me down... The night of fear like they say of the news... uff...


Lunch in the park

Beautiful day, warm but not too hot and with some fresh air, so we decided that before I would start studying we would go out for a walk and have a lunch in Sampione park.

Best sandwish place in Milan!! :))

My yammi sandwish with prociutto and grilled vegitables

Best part of the day was to sit down for long in the shadow just to enjoy and relax.
Now time to study the whole afternoon!!!


Tapas aperitivo @ Imas

In the end we went out yesterday evening. It was a beautiful evening (not to warm) so we went down to the Navigli and went for tapas at the Spanish bar 'Imas!', then we took as walk before going home to see the movie Chole - very particular movie, but I liked it.

Now we're off to Sampione park for lunch and a walk.



...and 10 hours later.

Feels like this day will never end.... I've been awake 11 hours and won't go to bed within the next 8 hours for sure...

However, thos morning I worked 5 hours. My manager and I set up, cleaned and orginized the whole new counter. Hard work.

Afterwards I walked all the way back home again, studies two hours, had lunch and went to the pool where I've been two hours; swimming and half sleeping in the hot sun. Now time to go and buy some food, go home, study some more, talk to a friend on skype and then when my boyfriend will arrive I hope to have a cozy and relaxed evening!

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06.45 and I'm already almost at work....

Finished studying at 01am this morning, slept 4 hours and now I'm off to work to set up our new counter.... I'm tired and cold, even if I guess it's already more rhan 30 degrees...? Half day work and then back home to study and sleep!

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Spent the night in.... La Rinascente

...with my manager :) Together me and my manager spent hours to pack and move all Givenchy products as we're once again moving the Givenchy counter. Thanks god my manager and I are equally organized and efficient so we had easily everything well done within two hours....

Now I'm on my way home for one hour of studies and then I have to hit the bed as tomorrow at 07am I will be back at work, still together with my manager, and clean and unpack everything...

Good night!
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Dinner and drinks at Frank

Louise is back and visiting in Milan and yesterday we met up for some drinks, food and talk. Very nice evening.

Now I got up early to study a bit before going to work so I better start...



When the heat gets a health risk

I'm off to work, walking as always. I feel it's warm and as it's also very humid it's easy to sweat a lot but I don't feel bad. I eat and drink as normal and I don't stay in the hot sun too long if I'm not by the pool or something and in that way I can handle it without changing my lifestyle.

Some of my Italian friends and colleaues don't seems to be able to handle it that good though. Some just refuse to get out after 10am or before 22pm and every time you hear from them they complain of the heath, a bit ridiculous in my eyes, but maybe what I do in the winter?

However, this morning they warned on the morning news that old people and people with health problems should not get out during the days at all.... well well, I'm happy we still got summer while in "my" other countries are already autumn. No doubt I love the summer, the sun and warm temperatures and not the winter, the snow or cold weather :)



Exam week!

Some months before moving to Italy I signed up to the second level of Italian studies distant studies from University of Lund. The thought was to learn a lot, get used to read in Italian and then I had a small thought of getting a second university degree. However I thought it would be an easy course but I was totally wrong. I passed the first semester but I had to study A LOT. The second semester of the course was harder and I still have two exams I have to pass...

This week I'm doing one of those exams. The course is called "the spoken Italian" and it's all about fonetics and the theory behind accents and dialects. Not a single person I know here in Italy knews a clue about it and if I have asked someone for some study help they just stare at my exam saying that Swedish university's must be insane. So here I am, by myself studying Italian fonetics and grammar rules and trying to analyse different Italian dialects. I've done one third of the exam (the easier parts) and before Sunday I have to finish the rest.

Wish me luck!

Now a refreshing shower break and then 2 more hours of studies before going to bed!

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Aperitivo @ Obika Brera

Una picked me up from work, we went for a (very warm) walk from Duomo and up and around Brera and then to Obika to try their famous aperitivo. It was as good as people had told me... Healthy and high quality food, yam yam.

Afterwards I met up Torri for a granita at Groom and now I'm off to bed. It's warm....



33 degrees at 08am...

Get out of my house at 08am in the morning and it almost feels like walking into a sauna. The real Italian summer did arrive also this year even if people starting doubting it. The hot temperattures staring already in April and since we've got between 20-30 degrees but now above which is cold for being July in Italy....

That the real summer starts in the middle of August is very strange for a little Swede like me used that the autumn staerts in August... But I don't complain, the sun brings energy and happyness and the more we get of it the happier I am :)

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Warm evening out with Ilaria

Me and Ilaria's moto - Me looking like a mashroom :)

Bar and gelateria Icebound

Ilii had a spriz

..and I had an ice cream, obviously... ;)
I finished working at 7pm tonight but I hanged around in town until 9pm when Ilii finished working. I picked her up from work and together on her moto we "flew" to Corso Garibaldi where we sat down having a drink/an icecream and just enjoyed the warm summer night.

Now I need a refreshing showe and then I'm off to bed as tomorrow I start working early again. Buona notte!

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