First three days in Stockholm

First day in town and we took a long walk - beautiful evening.

Gamla Stan / Old City
Day two - Trip with the boat to Waxholm
Yammi salmon lunch by the sea

In the evening we went for dinner with dad and Adii and then for a nice evening walk along Sodermalarstrand (the sea)
Day three - Boat trip with mum and Erika to Grinda
Torri & Erika
My mum and I

Walked around the whole island...

Back in town Torri and I made a short trip to Hammarby sjostad

Saturday evening with my girls!!

Dinner at Malarpaviljongen by the sea at Norrmalarstrand
All my best friends back together for an evening!! :)
Old town by night
Stockholm's tightest street in the old town
Drinks at the bar boat Flyt

Will add the rest of the pictures in the next coming days...


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  1. you can make whatever city to look beautiful and sound amazing...


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