One day as a construction worker


And after... looks a bit sad...

Tonight they're changing the whole cosmetic floor inside Rinascente and it's gonna be a little bit of surprise tomorrow when we arrive to work where they have put our corners...

Today I spent the whole day packing and moving around our products and even if I'm used to always move around in the end of the day I thought I would faith in there; my arms and legs were aching.

But not overly happy to move our Givenchy corner, I gonna miss my Kiehl's, Armani, Colistar and most of all Clinique colleagues but now I hope they will put us next to some other nice people... Will have to wait until tomorrow to see.



  1. le due modelle di Givenchy :-)

  2. danigorgeous03/08/2011, 23:19

    non riesco a credere ancora che non siamo piu li. very sad. spero di tornarci nello stesso posto!!!!


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