Halloween spirit at the gym

Wherever I go I'm followed by sceletrons and spider webs and not even at the gym I have to see spiders all over the place.
As I won't be able to go training until Friday I am doing double exercises today. I've done cross training and weights in the gym and now I am waiting for the total tone class to start.
Happy halloween!

Texi mexi Sunday

I have been working the whole weekend, as almost always. On Saturday I manage to go to the gym in the morning and clean a bit at home before heading to work in the afternoon for my late evening shift. I spent Saturday evening at home watching a movie with my boyfriend.

Yesterday, Sunday, I started working early and afterwards I met up with some friends for a Mexican dinner in north Milan. I had a chichen fajitas and it was delicious.

Today, Monday, I'm off work. Now I gonna go to the gym and then I'm not sure what I gonna do in the afternoon and in the evening, we'lll see...



Step fitness

Doing one hour 'step fitness' was great start of this Saturday. The only problem was that I have lost my coordination senses and I struggled to do all the combinations the instructor did. Very good training though and I hope I will be able to go back soon!


Friday girl night

Sometimes it is important just to sit down with a friend, think and talk together about life and love. This is what my sweet Steppy and I did yesterday night. We went to Flash pizza, a restaurant in central Milan witch is not very nice to see but it is famous for it's typical Italian food and quite good prices. Steppy had a truffle pizza and I had spaghetti with seafood. 

After the three hours dinner we went to the cinema to see the "new" horror movie that had premier yesterday: Insidious. This movie came out in America, Canada and Spain almost a year ago. In Sweden it came out this summer and here in Italy yesterday. Italy super behind as always! Anyway it as a good way to start the halloween weekend :) The movie was so and so, not very good actually but it manage to scare me which is something many horror movies doesn't. I slept with the light on tonight.... ;)

Now I'm off to the gym!



Unexpected evening

Yesterday evening after work I met up with Stephanie and the plan was to go for an aperitivo somewhere. After parking the car close to Corso Como we started our search for a place that still had food buffet at 10pm. A guy stops us offering two drinks and aperitivo for 10euro at Loolapaloosa and we accepted.... when arriving at the door the manager tells us that no we won't eat the buffet, insetead we will be offered free two course dinner with wine. They placed us at a table with 4 guys and one girl and we ate the delicious food (lasagna as first course and meat with pollenta as a second course) and got to know this group of people - all for free. I had so much fun!

After a couple of hours at Loolapaloosa we thought of going home but then we got to know two Italians and their Russian friend and all together we went to Toquville end enjoyed a hiphop night for a while. Again, lots of fun.

The whole evening was so unexpected and that's why we had such great time!

Now time to work!


Laura Pausini - Benvenuto

~ Laura Pausini - Benvenuto ~

"A te che perdi la strada di casa ma vai
Dove ti portano i piedi e lo sai
Che sei libero
Nelle tue scarpe fradice
A chi ha parole cattive soltanto perchè
Non ha saputo chiarire con sè
A chi supplica
E poi se ne dimentica
A chi non ha un segreto da sussurrare
Ma una bugia da sciogliere
A chi non chiede perdono
Ma lo avrà

Benvenuto a un pianto che commuove
Ad un cielo che promette neve
Benvenuto a chi sorride, a chi lancia sfide
A chi scambia i suoi consigli coi tuoi
Benvenuto a un treno verso il mare
E che arriva in tempo per Natale
Benvenuto ad un artista, alla sua passione
Benvenuto a chi non cambierà mai
A un anno di noi..."

(click here for the whole lyric)

This is the new Laura Pausini song, I love it!

Off to work, have a great day!



It is raining!

It is a strange feeling to wake up hearing the rain outside the window. Here in Milan it haven't been raining for real since before the summer. We went trough whole August without a rainy day and in September I think it rained a half day or something.

Now the autumn is here with v e r y cold weather and rain, sigh.

Today I will go to the gym for a legs, bum and tum training and then go working. Tonight I plan to stay in  with my flatmate just doing nothing.


An evening in Assago

This week I only have one day off from work, that was today. In the morning I went to the gym and then I spent almost all day at home cleaning, washing clothes, making lunch boxes and organizing things. Tonight I went to Assago to help my boyfriends to choose a mobile phone (obviously a blackberry!), then we had a quick pizza before heading to the cinema to see "Friends with benefits". I didn't have high expectations but it turned out to be the typical romantic comedy that I love. I think both Justin and Mila Kunis were excellent actors and I have a smile on my face throughout the whole film.

Good night.



Back at the gym

Two weeks ago I went to London and I manage only go to the gym once that week. Last week I was sick, on Monday I did go both training and working but I it was wrong doing it and I'm sure the training didn't give me anything...

So now I'm back at the gym, feeling tired and unfit but will start my jurney to get back on track with my training with one hour on tone dancing.

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Sunny Sunday

Today as all other Sundays I've been working and like always the day was quite hard. I always work with nice and positive colleagues on Sundays but it's a hard day to sell...

On my lunch break I went out in the cold but beautiful sunny day with Stefii. We had a walk and ate lunchat Mc Donalds :) Now Stefii is back in Rome and I'm sad :(

Tonigh I'm at home with my new flatmate Diana watching Avatar.



Sushi and cinema with Stefii

 Jada Cafe Sushi

Tonight Stefii picked me up from work and we went to Jada Cafe Sushi with is just behind the Royal castle close to my work. Stefii had a smart box offering a sushi aperitivo at this place. The sushi was good but absolutely not enough for me... I am used to ear around 40-50 pieces so 9 pieces sushi plus some nudles felt more like a snack for me and I wanted to go to Mc Donalds afterwards (but I didn't). I have to add that The staff working at Jada Cafe was rude and not service minded at all.

After the dinner we went to the big Odeon around the corner and saw the new Italian movie "Ex amici come prima". I thought it would be a romantic comedy about the possibility to keep friends with your ex partner. I was wrong. It was one of those idiotic and extremely ridiculous Italian comedies that only pure Italians and appreciate. The public laughed though out the whole film but I didn't.... The only time I really laughed the whole public was quiet, and I laughed even more... It was a joke about the Italian politicians keeping busy with other things than their job. It is true and the way they said it was fun but no one laughed.... I wonder why... ;)

Now at midnight on a Saturday night two tired girls are already of to bed.


Friday night with Stefii


As Stefii down in Rome has been missing the amazing Milanese tradition of the aperitivo buffets we had to go for one last night. We went to Lotvs for dinner, drinks and catch up talking. Unfortunately the place was freezing cold and also the buffet consisted of a variety of cold dishes and after a while went to the car like to ice cubes and had to sit there for a while to heat up ourselves before heading to "Le Banque" to catch up with Ilaria and Valentina.

 Le Banque

Ilaria, Valentina and I

Le Banque on a Friday was nice in the beginning with live singing and fun music but after midnight the usual hard house began and I had enough. I was also very tired after my days off sick so already before 01am we went home like four nannys :)

A good evening anyway!



Stefii weekend

This summer at Lime.

Stefii is back in Milan for a weekend with me, jippi yeay". Tonight we are going out as we are having a car and can move around easily. Tomorrow during the day I work and in the evening we will have a more quiet evening.

I am so happy to spend a whole weekend together!


Gastric Catarrh

When my cold finally have given up on me and I thought I would be feeling good my doctor finds something else on me... A caratth of the stomach. I thought I had pains in the lungs thanks of all the coughing but he calmly told me that it is not the lungs but the stomach.

Sigh. I have not been sick in one and half year since I moved to Italy and now I have to get everything at the same time.

Today I have my day off and I will stay home and try to rest as tomorrow and Sunday I will go back to work. And tonight my best friend Stefania is coming up to Milan from Rome to spend the weekend together so I hope that at least we will be able to hang out a bit and not just stay at home...



Boyfriend and X Factor

Tonight finally I had some excitement in my lately boring life in bed... This afternoon my boyfriend came over to look after me a bit, we ordered pizza and watched the Italian X factor.

The Italian X Factor is is the worst talent show I have ever seen in my life and what makes it so bad is the jury. None of them seems to know what they talk about and they seems to be more aware of making a show that actually say something intelligent to the poor participants. As much as I like the English X Factor I will dislike the Italian one.


Thanks heaven for web magazines

My life saving these long and boring days sick at home has been the ability to read my favourite magazines online. I have five magazines that I just love: Swedish I Form and Vecko Revyn and English Marie Claire, Fitness Magazine and Look. Isn't it amazing that magazines that I would pay around 5euro each for can be read for free online. But I can admit that I so much prefer to have the paper magazine in my hands than reading it all online but the possibility to access the articles online is for me amazing.

Now when I read them all I gonna turn off the computer for a while and watch some Gossip Girl :)


I'm better but not good

Today I really thought I would be perfectly well again and I was planning to go to work. Then last night I started having stomach pains and I couldn't sleep and without sleeping I didn't get better.

So this morning I had to go back to my Doctor who just looked at me like with his confident big eyes saying "I told you that you would had to stay home much longer than just one day"... As I never been home sick here in Italy before I didn't really know how it works so on Tuesday when I went there I just told him I wanted to stay home from work one day and he couldn't understand why. He was right and this time he wanted to give me four days off from work but I told him that two would be more than sufficient. He did what I told him but his comment was "I can see that you're Swedish".

Many Italian people would do all they could to stay home fully paid as long as possible but I am not like them and I think most Swedish people aren't. In Sweden we grow up learning to be honest and never cheat. In Italy, specially in the south region, thety grow up learning that you can't be honest if you wanna get what you want...

So, other day in bed. So boring!



Black swan the movie

BLACK SWAN is the story of the ballet dancer Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman), a quiet, shy and insecure girl obsessed with perfection. When she's picked to be the next big star in the new ballet performance Swan lake her life changes. Her director, Thomas (Vincent Cassel) is confident in her ability to play the white swan because of her shy personality, but wants to push her into discovering her more seductive and sexy side to portray the role of the black swan... 

The movie is all from Nina’s point of view and you follow her efforts to access her inner passion to become the best black swan every which becomes like a runway into madness. The movie is a emotionally, visually and intellectually thriller drama. A strange film. So cleaver that many times I lost the understanding of what was real and what wasn't. I like it but I didn't love it as much as I thought I would do. It is a must see anyway!

You guys must wonder why all these film review lately but I don't have that much else to do during while staying at home sick in bed than watching movies :) Now I'm off to bed as I hope that after a good sleep I will feel better tomorrow so I can go back to work. I am so tired of being at home alone...


Good morning sick Maria

I'm not better but not either worse today. I was able to sleep good so at least I  got a little bit more energy than yesterday but it's gonna be another day in bed I guess, sigh.

~ Britney Spears ~ Criminal ~  

I always been a little bit weak for Britney Spears and for some kind of reason I almost always like her new songs coming out. This video Criminal has it's premier today and it didn't go wrong either this time, I love it. Especially the beginning of the video is great :)



Buck the movie

Buck; an absolutely extraordinary and beautiful movie about respect, love and understanding. A documentary film following the the horse trainer Buck Brannaman, "the horse whisper", on the road visiting ranches in US. Buck talks about his abusive childhood and gives credit to his foster parents and Ray Hunt (another horse training legend) for helping him become one of the most respected horse trainers today.It is a film that teaches you a lesson about life and understanding human beings and animals. It is real and fantastic. A positive energy swept though the whole movie and I was just amazed.

This movie made me want to be a better person. I would like to have good portion of his courage and to be a person who gives a little bit more, a person a little bit more like Buck.

This is a film for everyone to see and a must see for all horse lovers.

“Your horse is a mirror to your soul, sometimes you might not like what you see. . . Sometimes you will.” – Buck Brannaman


First time off sick!

I have to admit it, I'm sick! I have a super cold with blocked nose and irritating coughing and I've spent most of the day in bed. It's the first time since I came to Italy that I take a day of from work for being sick and this morning when I woke up realizing that I just couldn't go to work I didn't know what to do (the procedure for staying home sick) but I learned. 

In Italy when you're off sick you need to go immediately to the doctor who will send a doctor certificate to your company to prove that you sick and how many days you should stay home. When that's done you're paid 100%. I remember that in London I was still paid 100% but I didn't have to go to the doctors until the 5th sick day home. I am not sure how it works in Sweden but I know that you're never paid your first sick day off and from the second day you're paid 80% I think.... Don't know if you need to go and see your doctor for a evidence or not.

Now I gonna eat a warm soup something with my flatmates.



Sushi Sunday

Givenchy promotion day at work today and we worked quite a lot. Got out of work and went for sushi dinner with my boyfriend, Steppi, Sara and Brisko. I would had preferred some warmer food but it was actually very nice with some sushi at Wasabi :)



I got a new baby

I bought a new mobile phone in London. Finally my friends said as my other one didn't last more than 3-4 hours before it died which meant people who tried to get in touch with me most of the time couldn't as my phone was always dead.

I thought of follow the hysteric trend of the Iphone 4 or 4S but I actually think the price for it is far to high for a mobile phone so in the end I choose not to buy one. Instead Tobi and I sat down Thursday morning to search around the mobile market online to see if anything could attract me. I wanted one with fast browsing without touch screen and as my favourite mobile brand Nokia didn't have anything that I fancied I decided to buy a Blackberry.

So now I'm part of the famous blackberry community and I have a whole new world to discover.... Tonight my Blackberry Curve 9360 and I decided to spend Saturday night at home getting to know each other for a good future collaboration. I need to set up the Blackberry pin, free messaging, what's up, skype and all other things I need on the phone.


Cosy evening with my boyfriend

After being away in London for four days and today (thanks to severe delays on the London underground and traffic jam when arriving to Milan) I was out travelling for eight hours so the only right thing to do this beautiful Friday night was to stay home and invite my boyfriend over for a cosy evening. We watched Step up 3 and talked about London.

Now I'm off to bed and tomorrow morning I am going back to work.



London, I love you and I will miss you!

When I was in London as a tourist the first two times I didn't like it at all. It was fun for the shopping and to see the world known sights but that's it. When I moved there I didn't start appreciating London until I had been there at least 3-4 months but then I fell in love and I lived happily for four years.

I didn't move from London because I didn't like it any more, I moved because I wanted a new experience and also because I had the dream to live in Italy. I have missed London few times and even more my friends I have there but I never had any thoughts of moving back.

This time when I came back to London I still felt like home and suddenly I started appreciating everything much more than even did when I lived there. The people are so polite and open minded. The shopping is fantastic. The bars, restaurants and pubs are so cosy. The only time I thought of the constant grey weather I had in these days was when I realised the photo didn't turn out as good as it had been if the sky would had been blue.... I had four amazing days and even if I still don't think I will move back to London I know that London is and will always be my second home, I will always fit it and I will always be able to create a good life for myself over there. Everyone can do that and that is why London is so fantastic!

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