Monday evening at home

It's Monday and after a nice walk home from work I'm now enjoying a relaxing evening at home. I know this will be my only evening at home so I appeciate it a little extra and I take the chance to eat some yammi Swedish things I got at home and watch Avatar on TV (in italian) with Francesca.

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Had enough of the winter

(lovely summer pic)

Last week all days were lovely sunny with blue sky, then down in Rome we had between 10-13 degrees and I really started to get the spring feelings. So it was a big disappointment when I landed in Milan on Saturday night and it was 3 degrees and now they're saying it might snow in the next coming days. Nooo! I don't want snow, I don't want winter at all. I start realizing that climate wise Milan was not the best choise for me....

But hey, Milan got lots of other benefits so I keep on smiling anyway, even if I'm soon transforming into an icecube.

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Mixed summer trends 2011 - Part 3


Marc Jacobs

Louis Vuitton

Michael Kors




The sex and the city gang

There we were, 4 girls sitting in a bar drinking fruit cocktails and talking about life, guys, sex, career and parties just like the real sex and the city girls. The only different is that none the four of us are not Americans, we are actually all from four different european countries and then we happen to be in Milan and not New York. I was told I'm Carrie and I must say I kind of like that :)

We went to Cheese Bar for aperitivo; it's an amazing place with delicious food but not good if you're on a diet ;)

we're four very busy and important ladies ;)


Traffic block in Milan

Today is in force a complete block of the private cars all over Milan! The reason is that air pollution has reached a very high level in the last weeks so now they stop all private cars to move....

The public transport will be enhanced and for those who subscribe to the BikeSharing the service will free all the day!

Great idea. I really think they should have it every Sunday!


Rome - Day 3

The two posing girls :)
Fontana di Trevi

Piazza Venezia

Everyone falls in love in Rome - I did too :)
Foro Romano

San Giovanni
And that was the end of three amazing days in Rome!! I hope to be able to go back soon!


Rome - Day 2

I found Stefii waiting for me at Piazza del Popolo... so strange to see her in Rome! :)
Beautiful store at Via del Corso
Piazza di Spagna
I love bruschettas!!
Stefii's healthy pizza
My yammi buffula mozzarella pizza
@ Bable club
getting tired...
Fried, overly sweet and strange things that the romans eat in the middle of the night...
Great day and night!

More pics will come up tomorrow!


Rome - Day 1

Flying over Rome's coast. Ohhh I long to the summer!!
One of my grandmother's balconies... amazing how she can keep them so green also in the winter...
Dinner at La Pallotta.
Me and my 88 years old grandmother
My grandmothers husband Franco
Me :)

So nice seeing my grandmother and Franco again. I thought I would visit them more often just because I live in Italy now but that hasn't been the case soo far as this is just the second time I go down since I moved here 10 months ago....



Most annoying person (sorry but it's true)

On the bus from the airport to Milan I happen to sit next to one of most annoying person I've ever met.... He was good looking and well dressed BUT....;

1. He sat down next to me even if the bus was half empty
2. He was a normal size guy but got a massive Woolrich jacket on so pratically he was occupying 1,5 seat
3 He didn't stop talking about himself; his amazinh Vice managing director job, his beautiful flat in central Milan, his cars and motorbikes, all his great contacts he got etc
4. He kept looking at his blackberry and Iphone (where he had pictures of himself as a desktop pics) even if noone called or text him...
6. When he didn't talk he wa trying to rap Jay Z's 'empire state of mind' but as he didn't know english very well/didn't even know the correct lyrics he was just putting together his own made english words
5. He was playing Super mario bros on Nintendo DS, with the sound ON!
7. He was shaking his right leg hystericly all the bus ride
6. Didn't want me leave the bus without giving me his number.... I was close to kick his shin but instead I game him my number but changed the last number...

Didn't know if laugh or cry when this nightmare bus ride finally was over.

Welcome back to Milan and the milaneesers Maria, sigh.

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Around in bella Roma

It's easy to complain that Rome is undeveloped, disorginized and that it feels a bit slow and dead if comparing it to Milan but noone can take away that Rome must be one of the most beautiful cities in the world!!

It's simply Bella Roma!

Been around town for few hours with Stefii but soon we'll go back home and then we need to head towards the airport as I'm flying back to Milan... Buuhuu...

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