@ San Siro

Aaaaaaamazing football stadium!!!

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Milanista for a day

Soon I finish work and Erik and his friend are coming to pick me up and together we're off to San Siro to see Milan - Napoli. It's gonna be a bit cold but I'm looking forward to go to the stadium, finally!!

Forza Milan! :)


The big Maria day!

~ Santana ~ Maria Maria ~

Today, in Sweden, is the official name day of MARIA. So tanti auguri a me :)



Spending Sunday night with my 650 pages ELLE Italia

Freezing cold and raining outside so a night in with the March ELLE bible, candles and soft music feels like a wonderful plan.


Tiziano Ferro - Indietro

~ Tiziano Ferro ~ Indietro ~

Woke up to this song on the radio this morning. Like it!


In a need of a big breakfast

Went to bed with my head somewhere else and I forgot to put the alarm. Thanks god I start at 1pm today....

Woke up at 11.45 and I was starving. After big breakfast and a fast fixing I'm now on my way to work where sweetest Dannii is waiting for me.

Happy sunday people!

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A Saturday night that made me think....

Tonight after work I first went shopping in town before I took the tram down to navigli to go for an aperitivo with Torri and Stefano. Once again we ended up in Bobino for a while and then we went out walking around along the navigli rivers - it was nice but would had been even nicer if the temperature had been higher than the 7 degrees we had... Brrr...

Later on in the evening I ended up in a deep discussion about love, life and relationships, obviously in Italian. That's when I for the first time since I'm here really realised my limits with the Italian language - I wasn't able to express even half of the thing I wanted to say. Maybe it's a bit harsh again myself to expect me being able to have these kind of talking after less than a year in Italy but at the same time I believe that communication is so important in life and if I'm not able to express mt thoughts I start wonder how I gonna be able to live my life here...?

Maybe something to think over for a while.... Now I'm off to bed. Gooood night!

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So, I'm the make up expert?

Today Rinascente is havimg a special promotion and all brand are offering something special.

Me and my colleague are offerig expertise assistance in make up..... I feel a bit bad doing it as I'm not a real make up artist but they forcing me to pretend to be one..

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Birthday party at Bobino

Tonight I've went with Torri to Bobino for his friend's birthday party. Nice evening!

Merve was also there with a friend
Simona's birthday party

Elisa and I
Ilaria came by with her boyfriend Andrea
Torri and I
Now I'm off to bed as tomorrow morning I have to work.



Cleaning day

Today I've had the day off. I woke up at 10am, watched one episode of sex and the city and then I went back to sleep for an hour.
Got up at 12.15pm and stated cleaning my room and orginizing my wardrobs. Three hours I was almost done and I realised I was hungry so I had lunch and fixed lunches for the weekend too.
Then it was time for some selp pampering with face, food and hair masques.
Now it's 5pm and I just realised I haven't been blogging during all day. AND I haven't even turned on my computers. Up to evidence that I'm not adicted to compyets at least :)
Now I gonna go out for a walk to enjoy the last hour of sunshine!
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Aperitivo @ Pink

Aperitivo at Pink, as great as always! 12euro and you get:
Buffet nr 1 - Very nice snacks
Buffet nr 2 - Different kinds of pasta, lasagna and warm creps
Buffet nr 3 - Home made cakes, sweets and other mini desserts
Buffet nr 4 - Fresh exotic fruit

Bar Rosa/ Pink
Address: Via Pattari, 5
Area: Duomo


Fabolous dresses by Dennis Basso

PE 2011 Collection by Dennis Basso - New York


Limousine ride through Milan

Part one of the evening - Aperitivo at Jazz Cafe
Part two of the evening - Rocking at Old Fashion...
Really good music!!
Part three of the evening - After party in tge limousines
Limousine nr1 - The disco car

Limousine nr2, which took us home, the champagne car :))


In the limousine on our way home from Old Fashion

We needed a ride home.... And we got it ;)

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Gonna have my 30th birthday party in Stockholm!

A month ago I handed in my holiday request for 4 days off in April to be able to organize a birthday party over there. As I'm normally not allowed to have Sundays off it took them some time to think over it but on Monday I finally got it approved and yesterday I manage to book tickets. Easyjet have stopped flying Milan-Stockholm and thanks to that Lufthansa (that I'm normally flying with) have taken the opportunity to raise the prices, a bit annoying.

I will be in Stockholm from the 7th to the 11th of April and I will hopefully have my birthday party together with my friend Johanna on Saturday the 9th. Everything is still to be organized...

Please help me with ideas of bars/clubs where to hold the party!!!!



Notte Prima Degli Esami - Oggi

Just another very sweet and romantic Italian love comedy movie. I really liked it. A movie about the normal passionate and chaotic italian life most young Italians are living.... The kind of like I live nowadays ;)

Best frase of the movie; Sbagliando si impara, Si, ma le conseguenze degli errori non si cancellano mai = You learn from your mistakes but the consequences will never be erased.



After a very very very good day in Como I came back to Milan right to dinner time and went straight out for sushi with Francii. It was long ago I had sushi so I really enjoyed it.

Now Francii and I are at home and we gonna watch the movie Notte prima degli esami - oggi.

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