Have No Fear: The Life of Pope John Paul II

As I was quite tired I went home after the drinks with the girls and had a little movie evening by myself. The most interesting movie SKY showed tonight was "Have No Fear: The Life of Pope John Paul II", which as the title says is a movie about the pope Giovanni Paolo II. A good movie about a great man.

Now it's midnight and me and my book are already on our way to bed...


Aperitivo at Cream

Cream Lounge
I finished work at 18.00 and Julia and Emelie came to pick me up from work and we went to Cream for aperitivo and Swedish girl talk. They were the first two girls I got to know when I moved to Milan one year and one month ago as the three of us studied Italian at the same language school. Now they're back for the weekend to visit this amazing City :)

Sweet Emelie
Me and Julia
Our mega fruit cocktails

Cream Lounge Bar
Address: Via Piermarini, 2/ Corso Sampione
Area: Sampione
Price: €10

A walk through Sampione Park


I am a good working girl

Yesterday night I got home around 3am in the morning, had a sandwish a quick shower and went to bed at 03.30am and put the alarm on for 12pm. At 04.15am my manager sends me a message but I sleep so heavily that I don't hear the phone bipping.... At 08.55am I wake up by chance and I don't know why but I have a look at the phone so I see the message from my manager who in this message said I had to cover her shift start working at 09am in the morning, not at 6pm which was on my schedule. at 9.10am I left my flat, took the underground to Duomo and at 09.30, just when Rinascente opened up the door I stepped in and started working... I didn't even think, I just did it. People at work said I was stupid and that I should had stayed in bed, but I actually feel very good for doing it and thanks for that I also had the evening free so I could go for a walk and drinks with my Swedish visitors :)


Friday night

Drinks at Jazz Cafe
Emelie, me and Stefano
Mario, Sara and Stephanie
Julia, Emelie, me and Stefano
Old Fashion
Part of the gang...
Me, Fabio and Stefania
Giiirls :))
Best friends <3


The big wedding day

I never been a big fan of the Swedish royal family. No reason, I got nothing against them but I have never been very interested in thier lives or what they do. Instead I always liked the British Royal family! It feels like they are the true ones and when I was younger I just loved reading about Princess Diana and the rest of her family.

So for me and for millions of people over the world today is a big day. Prince William is marring the adorable Kate and I am so sad I won't be able to see the wedding live on TV. Thanks god for youtube that will show me the whole ceremony tomorrow morning which I have booked to stay home to watch the wedding.

Happy Friday!


A drink with the girls

Tonight it was time for a little girl evening. Good cocktails, nice food and lots of girl talk.



The country where flexibility is a must

Total change of my day plans... My colleague called an hour ago to say that my manager had to rush to the hospital and asked if I could cover her shift and swof my day was destroyed.

This is a country where flexibility is essential in your everyday life; when working, driving, hanging out with friends or whatever you do. This is not always very easy for a strict, well planned and super orginized Swedish girl as me but I'll do my best not to let last minite changes or delays let me down to much...

Now all I have in my head is that tonight I'm seeing my sweet girls and I just can't wait :)

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Good morning Thursday

Put the alarm on early, 9.30am, as I would like to get lots of things done today. Now I just had a nice breakfast and soon I'm off to the pool to go swimming and afterwards I hope to have time to stay an hour in the park sun bathing.

Later on I have to find a Western Union point to pay some online shopping and then I'm off to work for a 4 hours working shift.

Tonight we're having a "girltalk cocktail evening" planned and I just can't wait to share some secrets with them :)



Wasabi Solferino

It's been a while since I ate sushi last time and as most of you know I am kind of addicted to sushi so I can't stay without it for too long.... But tonight Torri and I went back to my favourite sushi bar 'Wasabii Solferino' and relished a nice sushi dinner. Afterwards, as it was a very nice evening, we went for a walk around the Brera and Corso Como area before going home to relax in front of some 'sex and the city'-episodes.

Corso Como
Some very sweet and romantic notes on the wall.... :)


Marabou sensation - Yogurt & Raspberries

Got this one in one of my birthday presents when I was in Stockholm, I had never seen it and heard about it before but I was happily surprised. It is so nice!

Today when I've been spending most of my day doing boring stuff as sorting documents and important papers this yogurt & raspberry got to it's end, but it's already on the shopping list for the next time I'll go to Stockholm! :)



I'm a member on this website since more than 4 years and I still haven't understood the reason for it's success? What am I supposed to do with it? After facebook I guess it's the world's biggest social networking service and I know that many people are addicted to update their tweets (messages on Twitter) and to read their friends, idols and other famous peoples updates.

This is my account: http://twitter.com/#!/marliina for whoever wanna follow my very exciting tweet updates ;)


Best in test - Shu uemura face cleanser

For years I'v been using the Clinique face cleanser - "Liquid facial soap" and I've always loved it. It's a really good face product for a comprehensive price and you can find it for all skin types.

Then last week by chance I tried a sample I had at home from Shu uemura - "High Performance Balancing Oil". Without using any other make up removers it removed all the make up in a second, the oil was washed away easily and left a super soft skin. This is also a product that can be find for all different kinds of skin types. It cost a little more than the Clinique one but I think it worth it. As soon as I finished both the Clinique and the Givenchy facial cleanser I already got at home I gonna buy the one from Shu Uemura!

I promise you girls, try it and you will love it!



Working on the International workers day

Today I went back to work. I was happy to see my colleagues again and I also manage to sell quite well during the day so it was a quite good day at work. Except one thing... we were told that Rinascente will keep the doors open on Sunday the first of May, what the f***. It's the May day - The international workers day! Noone is supposed to work on that day!

However, as Rinascente was forced to stay closed on Easter Monday, when I was supposed to work, but instead spent one more day at the seaside, today when they announced that they gonna stay open on Sunday I actually volunteered to work some hours on Sunday. But I'm not happy and I really hope they gonna pay the poor ones that have to work very well ;) Also because me, Ilaria and Silvia have to skip the well planned BBQ party we were supposed to attend on our free Sunday, so we're worth a good compensation.



Day 4 - Arenzano & Serravalle Designer outlet

Today we woke up early and took off straight after breakfast. First we went to another coast city, Arenzano, for lunch and then we drove all the way up to Serravalle Scrivia and the designer outlet there. Believe it or not but miss shopaholic just bought ONE bikini from Calvin Klein and that's it - I was quite impressed of myself when walking out of the outlet ;)


Serravalle Designer outlet - a mini city just with designer brand stores. A girl's paradise ;)

Now I'm back in Milan and realising that these days just flew away and all I want right now is to go back to the seaside. But hey, as they say "east and west but home is best", I am quite happy to be back home too :)


Day 3 - Diano Marina & Alassio

Easter Sunday - Beautiful day. Went for walks in the morning. Had a massive and delicious Easter Lunch at a fish restaurant down the beach in Diano Marina and in the afternoon we relaxed by the pool at the hotel.

In the evening we went to Alassio and I felt in love. It's absolutely one of the most beautiful, pretty, cosy and romantic little cities I've seen. We walked around for quite a while and had dinner at a pizzeria down the sea. Great evening!


I gonna go back to Alassio, that's for sure!!!


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