Pizza at Basilico Fresco

I love the pizza they make at the ristorante Basilico fresco so tonight I went there to enjoy a delicious dinner with Torri. Very nice! Now time for a movie....

Basilico Fresco
Address: Viale Abruzzi, 21

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Very VIP ;)
The Givenchy gang Maria, Paola, Me, Elisa and Danii
Make up artist/my ex colleague Antonio Silva and I
Beautiful Danii

Our Francesca is presenting the new Fendi fragrance
Obviously both Danii and I were two of the first ones to take the publicity photo with.... don't remember his name, but someone famous?
Kenzo Nadia and I
The beautiful Francesca and I
Me and the one and the only Mr Bui

Elisa, Paola and Maria

Bye bye Fendi party
The chick girls are waiting for their taxi
New Perfume to my collection
Proud owner of the Fan of Fendi perfume - will come out in the stores in September!
The party was very exclusive, vip, chick and trendy. I'm very glad I got invited and I'm also happy that I went even if I was tired after a whole day at work. The new Fendi perfume is lovely and it feels very cool to be able to wear it four months before it's getting out on the market.

Next thing missing in my wardrob at home is a Fendi bag, might be my summer present to myself ;)

Time to sleep. Tomorrow early start at work.



The left side won the election in Milan!

Tonight it's been all about orange here in the center of Milan. People are dressed in orange and many have asked for orange make up. I first didn't understand why but soon I was told that Centre-left candidate Giuliano Pisapia won in Milan with about 55% of the vote over Mayor Letizia Moratti.. This will be a big change for Italy, if it will be for the positive or negative is something the future will show...

Now I'm the taxi on my way to the Fendi party. Happy Monday eve everyone!

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Givenchy Acid Rain Summer 2011 Makeup

For summer 2011 Givenchy is featuring acid-bright colours with a fantastic 9-colour eye shaddow palette with magical colours, lovely lip closses and face illumination. From now on I will enjoy myself wearing different combinations of the new eye shadow colours; summer parties and dinners, they will all be colourful in my world. I will write about the new Radient face illuminator another time, it's a bit strange product and I have to try it myself few times before I can express any opinions about it.

Monday work and party

Getting ready to go to work and I'm also getting ready for night's Fendi party as I'm going there straight from work. The dress code is chick and I hope this dress will be classified in that category.

Time to get out in the 29 degrees heath and walk to work.



An ordinary Sunday

It was strange to go back to work today. It felt like it was weeks ago I was there last time but actually it was just 6 dags ago... But much had changed and I missed lots of drama in there so I felt all confused in the beginning of the day.

But the day turned out quite well. I had lunch with Veronica and spent my second break watching the giro d'Italia that passed just outside the Rinascente.

Tonight I was supposed to go for drinks with Veronica but I was exhausted and decided to postpone the drink and just take my normal 45 minues walk home. Now I'm here in front of the computer, knowing I should unpack my suitcase from Sweden but I'm so tired to I can't even manage to move from the chair. I think I'll just take a quick shower now and then go to bed...

Good night!

Giro d'Italia in Milan

Today around 5pm I took a break from work and went out in the heath watching the giro d'Italia cyclists that today arrived here. It was a big mess and I couldn't stand to walk around the crowd of people for more than 10 minutes to take some pictures.

Giro d'Italia winner Spanish Alberto Contador.
(The last picture taken from 'The Guardian')


Fan di Fendi Party

Tomorrow will the new Fendi perfume be launched in Italy and as Fendi now belongs to the LVHM group we're all invited to the big VIP Fendi party tomorrow night. I'm so exited! :) I'll write again when I've tried the fragrance, I have a feeling it will be really good....


Saturday night in Bergamo Alta


As I flew back with Ryanair I landed at Orial al Serio airport in Bergamo so Torri picked me up there and took me for a walk and an ice cream in Bergamo Alta. It was a beautiful evening and it was good start of my return to Italy...

Bergamo Alta is the nicest part of Bergamo. It's old streets where you can walk around looking in the little shops, eating sweets and ice creams or enjoy some of the sweet restaurants. Very romantic little city.


Saturday in Stockholm

KarlbergsvägenMum under the big castagna tree

Stockholm marathon
He was on the second place when he passed us...
Sushi lunch with mum and dad at Arigato Stcokholm

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