In lack of own pictures...

Elisa and I

The boys
The girl gang

...I borrow Elisa's pictures from Monday night at the festival :)


The week so far...

Dear blog diary... I'm sorry I've been so bad updating you lately but I still have problems with my internet connection at home and I also still don't have a photo camera, sign. Without any pictures taken I hardly remember what I've done this week...

Monday I was working and after work I went with Torri and his colleagues to the Latin american festival. I've never been at that festival before and I can admit that I was a bit sceptical against it but I was wrong. It is a very very nice place. It's like a big festival area with loads of different restaurants, bars and disco's inside. You can eat, drink, dance, listen to concerts and get to know new people. Now when I got a bit tired of the bars in Milan I know that I will go to this festival quite a lot this summer....

And actually, Tuesday after work I went back there again, this time with Stephanie. We saw the fantastic reggeaton concert Los 4 - so good! After the concert we went around dancing in the different bars. Great night.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I had the day off so I took my beach things and took off to Pavia where Torri picked me up and together we went to a nice swimming pool and we spent the whole day there relaxing, sun bathing and swimming. In the evening we went for dinner outside Pavia somewhere.

Today Thuesday I was back at work even if it should had been my second day of holiday. At my lunch break I went out for a walk around town with Matteo and then in the afternoon I was working alone for six hours without a break as my manager had to get away. Tonight I'm tired and I'm spending the evening at home cleaning my room and updating the blog :)



Summer week starts

Midsummer is officially over and we're now going towards darker days. However, it's now the real summer starts. Here in Italy summer means extreme heath, humid air and lots of icecreams.

This was supposed to be my last week before my summer holiday, or actually I work today and tomorrow and then the holiday would have started on Wednesday and 10 days forward but things came in between and today or tomorrow I gonna call the head office to beg them to cancel my holiday....

Now I'm of to work, will I resit not to have an icecream already on my way there...? ;)


883 - Come Mai

~ 883 - Come Mai ~

Great song. Great memories.



Pictures from Stefii's birthday night

Massive sushi birthday dinner at Arigato


Happy Birthday Stefii :))

Some of the pictures from Stefii's birthday night at Arigato and Just Cavalli, the rest will come up when internet starts working again...


Yam yam icecream

The new lunch habit, an icecream from gelateria 3 gazzelle. Yam yam.

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No camera, no mobile and no internet

I keep recieving text messages and e-mails asking what's wrong as I'm not blogging like before...

I'm all fine the only problem is that both my photo cameras are brokem, the battery on my mobile phone keeps it alive not more than three hours and internet at home is not working. Don't know why I got everything against me lately but that's the case....

Haven't done that much exciting things in the last days either. Working long days Friday, Saturday and today. Friday night I spent with my boyfriend and yesterday I went for a latin american dance show with Stefania and Alessio, it was nice.

Now I'm on my way to work again. The sun is shining and all I dream about is to go to the seaside... Uff..

Happy Sunday people!
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Happy Midsummer

Today all Swedes are off work as they're all around the country side or in the archipelago for the midsummer celebrations. A day I normally found nice but quite stressful when living in Sweden. Instead, living in London, it was one of the best days of the year.

Living in Italy midsummer means nothing else than than the extreme heath has arrived and I can't wait to get to work as Rinascente is nice and fresh thanks to the aircon. Work until 22.00 and afterwards I'll go straight home as I'm not in the mood of doing anything else...

Happy Midsummer!

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confused woman

Today at work was a good day. I must have made one of my selling records so even if I was sad I left my work with a smile on my face. Then I spent the evening at home with Stefii talking about life, love and hate; past, present and future; hopes and disappointments; friendships and relationships etc. etc. It's amazing how much things are circulating in a woman's head... But one thing is clear, I am 100% confused what I want in my life. Can't have it all so it's a question of choosing and I just wish someone would knew what would be the best choice.

Sorry for a very confusing blog post. To try to explain myself a little bit I can say that I keep receiving too much negative news lately and I start feeling it as a sign for making a big change, I just don't want to.

Now I gonna go to bed, but I know I won't sleep. It's too hot and I got too much things in my little head.

Good night anyway.


Great Wednesday night

Yesterday evening we celebrated Stefii's 28th birthday. We went to Arigato for a massive sushi dinner plus cake and champagne and afterwards we went to dance at Just Cavalli. Very nice evening!

I didn't have a camera so I have to wait for the pictures to be sent to me before I can share them here.

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A day at the pool with my Swedes

It wasn't the perfect weather to go to the pool but we diceded to go anyway. I discovered this massive pool in the middle of a park five minutes walk from my home, how could I not have seen it before is the question? But neither my Francii or Luisa, my flatmates, knew about it.

However, today I went there with my Swedish friends Louise and Una and we had a good time.

Now I'm off for Stefii's birthday dinner!


At the Romano Pool

Today it's not as nice and sunny as yesterday but still very warm. Me and my two Swedish girl friends decided to go to the pool to relax and talk about Italy vs Sweden :)

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Around the Maggiore lake islands

We had an fabulous day at the Maggiore lake today. The weather was great, blue sky and sunshine all day but the temperature at the lake wasn't too hot. We went around all three islands and stayed around 2 hours on each of them.

In Stresa where we parked the car

On the boat

Isola Bella

Isola dei Pescatori

Isola Madre

This is life! :)

Back in Stresa - tired but happy after a great day!

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