An evening with Tamara

After a long and hard day at work I enjoyed the evening at Tamara's place looking at her packing her things for her holiday while talking about everything and nothing. As it's a very warm evening we took an evening walk to Grom for a delicious icecream.

Now I'm at home and I gonna spend an hour orginizing a bit in my room. Lately I'm only sleeping in this place... I get home late in the evening, I sleep, I get up and I go to work and then the same again so it feels good to have at least an hour to get my things together here before going to bed.


Marc Jacobs bar with Stefii

In front of the Duomo

Piazza Cantore
The Marc Jacobs bar

Albii popped by to say hi :)
Empty piazza Duomo at 1.30am - a sign you can only experience in august time when all the people are on holiday...
Tomorrow my best friend in Milan is moving to Rome. I can't with words describe how sad I am and how much I will miss her. It's not the first time I loose my loved ones for moving after their careers but it's something I'll never get used to and now the pain is hitting my heart once again.

Tonight Stefii and I went for a glas of wine at the Marc Jacobs bar in Piazza Cantore. It was a beautiful and warm evening and we had a great time as always when we do something :)

Stefii, tvtb!!

Good night



Festival with Stefii

In one of Stefii's last evenings in Milan before moving down to Rome we decided to vist the latin american festival together. We went there early and enjoyed a Brasilian dinner while listening to a live reggae concert. Then hit the dance floor dancing batchata and salsa, Stefii loves it but I'm good at it and therefor I don't like it a lot. I also don't like dancing in couples with sweaty strangers.... Then we saw part of a Salsa concert before enjoying the end of the evening in one of the normal disco bars. Shake it baby.... :))

Just after midnight it started to rain and as we're going out tonight again we decided to go home early. Fun evening anyway!



Three days in Rome

Piazza di Spagna

Dinner at the restaurant with family and old friends :)
Guendalina and I

Dad's mega meat dinner
My Saltimbocca alla Romana, yam yam
Me and my grand mother
Me, my grand mother and her husband Franco
At Gate 7 beahc in Ostia

Bella Roma!

Graucho! :)
The Vatican

Castel Sant Angelo

Rainy Piazza Navona
Fly! My grand mother's 18 years old dog...
Me and my grand mother
Now I'm on the train on my way back to Milan.

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