I don't know how she does it

Cinema time and I saw the new movie 'I don't know how she does it' with fantastic Sarah Jessica Parker and gorgeous Pierce Brosnan.

Before going there I saw the bad ratings and critics the film has got but I wanted to see it anyway and I'm happy that I did. I am sure this movie would had been much much better as a book but I really liked the movie and I think that all big fans of sex and the city would enjoy it.

It is a comedy centred on the life of a woman trying to be the perfect mum, the best wife and a career woman at the same time. Even if some scenes where quite ridiculous I could really feel the pressure and the stress in her every day life for the will of manage to do everything she wanted to. I laughed and I spilled some tears but I kept a smile on my face throughout the whole film. 

With that same smile on my face I now gonna go to bed as tomorrow morning I'm working early.


I hate running!

Today at the gym I got the idea of go running. It is a great way of exercising so I just thought that for once I would do 30 minutes running. I manage to do 20 minutes and then I felt dead so now I've promised myself to never go running again!

Now I'm off to the cinema with my Steppy!


Lunch with Francii

After a late wake up and a big recovering breakfast I was sitting in the sofa thinking how I would organize my day off when a text message pops up and Francii is asking if I'm up for a lunch. Happy to have my friend back in town I got ready in five minutes and went to the super market to get us what we needed to fix a salmon pasta.

The lunch turned out very well and it was nice to spend some time with my ex flatmate which is very much missed in the house.


A night out with Steppy and Marco

After work yesterday Steppy picked me up and we went to Santa Tecla, an antique nightclub/bar close to Piazza Duomo where I work. They hosted a Rnb and hiphop evening so we wanted to check it out. After an hour or so our Fendi colleague Marco joined us but as the place was still quite empty we left and went to Le Banque instead, another nightclub in the area. It was full of people and we had a good time. On our way back to the car we passed Santa Tecla again and as the music was great we popped in for half an hour hiphop dancing too, love it :)

Now I gonna fix the house a bit as soon a friend is coming over for lunch.



Thursday 29th September

~Me in Desenzano in June 2011 ~

Good morning! I'm on my way to work and I don't got that much to write. Yesterday evening was an absolutely great evening at work as I beat my own sales record during the four hours I worked.

Today I work until 10pm and afterwards I'm meeting up with some colleagues and friends for a chilled out evening somewhere in town.

Sharing a new song from Modà that I really like.

~ Modà - Salvami  ~

Have a great day everyone!



32 degrees in end of September

Today we got just another beautiful day here in Milan. For the Italians it doesn't seem to be anything special as they don't say anything but I'm amazed walking around in shorts, t-shirt or just a dress in the end of September. Last year the autumn started at this time of the year but this year it's gonna last until the beginning of October, at least that's what they say on TV.


Energy kick

I in the last day been feeling a bit weak and in lack of energy. I practically almost have been falling asleep after 10pm wherever I've been. So today I took my food vouchers my company keeps sending me to buy food (and I rarely use them) and went to the supermarket to buy just loads of fruit. I came home with oranges, bananas, grapes, apples, pears, lots of kiwis and a pineapple so in the next coming days I'll eat it all and I hope it will give me the energy kick I need!


Gym and work

Feels like I don't do anything else in these days than work and go to the gym...

Today I did an half an hour class called "upper body" which consisted of movements with weights concentrated on arms, shoulders and the back. After that I joined half an hour abbs class. To make the training complate I did four weight exercises for the legs in the gym afterwards. Felt good after my almost two hours in the gym when walking home to have lunch and get ready to go to work.

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Tuesday in Como

I had a good day in Como. I was satisfied with the hair dresser result, the lunch with Bianca was nice and we also managed to have a walk along the lake.

Now I'm so tired that I can hardly keep my eyes open so I gonna sleep even if it's early.


Good morning Como!

I had decided stop going to the hairdresser in Como as it is a bit absurb to go to another city just for a hairdresser.

But I really like my hair stylist here and when I the other week got a lunch invitation here in Como I decided to go back to the hairdresser as well.

So here I am, in Como on my wqy to my favourite hair stylist Marco and afterwards I gonna have lunch with a friend. It's a beautiful day so I'm glad to spend it by the lake.

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Sushi it is!

Sushi dinner with Merve at Wasabi Via Ponte Vetero.

Torri gave me a ride to the place and poped in for few minutes :)

After dinner cocktails on the terrace

Walking around the cozy streets of the Brera area

Evening coffee at Amorino
Another nice and warm late summer night. Just love walking around the small streets in the old parts of Milan (in Brera) and just be... Very nice evening!

Buona notte!


Fixing Monday

Today I got the day off, don't know why but I didn't have to go to work. I went to the gym in the morning and afterwards to Kelly Services to complain about my wrongly paid salary for last month.

For lunch I made myself a massive sandwich with freshly baked bread, ham, mozzarella di buffala, tomatoes and salad. In the afternoon I've been fixing at home, playing around with some new blog designs (the one I have right not will not be staying for long) and talking to skype with a friend in Sweden. Now I gonna start fixing a very important thing and I will spend the rest of the afternoon with it.


KenzoKi Frosty Bamboo

This is one of my favourite summer body creams. It's an stimulating body moisturizer with a unique sorbet texture. It might not be the best cream on the market for a dry skin like mine but the worst feeling during hot summer days it's to put on a thick oily cream that makes you sweat. This cream is very light, gives energy and a smothing treat and it has a cold sensation.

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Smiling tone dance with a male instructor

Last week on the smiling tone dance we had a smiling girl as a instructor. We didn't dance but we did a kind of tonification aerobics, few weight movements and a well done stretching program. Today we had a male instructor which meant no smiling (the name of the course has no sense?) and only pumping muscles and instead of stretching he made us do 15 minutes of extra hard stomach exercises. Here we see the difference of men and women training. However today was harder, maybe a bit less fun but better exercising.



Exotic with Giose

Today Sunday I've been working all day. It was a long day but it went alright in the end.

After work I went shopping new gym clothes; a pair of leggings plus a new pink top. It is always nice with some new clothes when going training for some extra motivation and I felt I was worth it :)

For dinner I met up with Giose at bar Exotic in south Milan. We ate well, talked a lot and managed also to watch some of the AS Roma game against Parma.

Now to end the Sunday in a good way me and a book gonna go to bed and relax.


A good day!

To put the dot on the i after a great day away I spent the evening with my boyfriend eating a yammi piadina on south Milan and later on watching a movie at my place. Must saw I had a fantastic Saturday!

Now I have to sleep, tomorrow wake up at 08am and then working..


A pop by Campione d'Italia

Campione d'Italia is an Italian comune (municipality) of the Province of Como region, occupying an enclave within the Swiss area, separated from the rest of Italy by Lake Lugano and some mountains. It is famous for it's gigantic casino (first picture).

As I've never seen it and actually never even heard about this famous little place we passed it on our way back to Italy but we didn't visit the casino, this time...



A day trip to Lugano

After out little visit and lunch break at foxtown we went on to Lugano. Walked around, had a coffee and explored the centre. I have been in Lugano before and I really really like it. It is clean and organized like Stockholm but charming, warm and romantic like in Italy. It is also very beautiful and harmful with the lovely big lake.


I love you Foxtown!

Foxtown is a big outlet centre in Switzerland (just on the border to Italy). Most of the shops are the same they got in all other outlets we've been visiting but this one got two BIG differences; it got my two favourite brands Ralph Lauren and Burberry with factory and outlet prices and obviously I got crazy... I got myself some new jumpers, a t shirt and a hat :)



Well needed hour at the gym

To to go exercising does not only help to shape your body but it is also important for your psychological health! I always feel tired in my body when walking out of the gym but I feel new and fresh in my head. All ridiculous complicated thinking that sometimes pops up in a girls head blows away in the gym and I go home more motivated than before.

Today I worked though all the exercises in the gym that my personal trainer set up for me and afterwards I join the half an hour abbs class. Now I feel fit to meet the weekend! :)

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A night at Nepentha Milano

Matteo and I waiting for our drinks

Fabrii highly concentrated while making us the cocktails

Merve and I

Fabrii showing how strong he is carrying my 40 kg...

Doing the bar man myself...

The club's nice habbit - offering mini pizzas for all the guests by the end of the night. Yam!

Me outside the club!

Me as a Power Rangers on my way home on Metteo's scooter :)
Nepentha is one of Milans most historical night clubs. I was told it was number one already in the 80's after some famous movies where filmed in there. The owners and many of the staff are 70 years old men hosting the young and rich visitors. The place was small but fancy and cozy. How Matteo and Fabrii managed to get a table in there will remain their secret but I'm happy I've expereinced a great night out at the "Nepe".

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