Buongiorno Bollate

The famous Milaneese fog... Arrived to Bollate and I can'e see more than three meters in front of me... It is a bit facinating but I do not like it, makes me depressed...

Now I put on a fake smile and walk up to the office to do my best, last day of the month.



Pizza with a very good friend

Bad news got worse today. I feel empty and comfused. I can't understand what is happening. I just want to wake up of this bad dream and everything should get back to normal, like it was before, like it has been my whole life... But unfortunately that's not gonna happen and it all I can feel is pain.
Tonight I wanted to be alone, in bed, just to cry. But instead I met up with my very good friend that made me smile for a while. I ate a good pizza and felt slightly better when walking home from the pizzeria.

Thanks Steppy for being wonderful!



Perfect shape and brain training

On Mondays I always go to a specific dance aerobics class. The instructor is a very cool girl, a very good dancer. Today I came a bit earlier and I attended a theoretical lession in brain aerobics which was very interessting.

Dance aerobics. along with flexibility, shape and strength training exercise which is vital for health and fitness it is also a excelent brain training. Aerobic exercises strengthens the lungs and heart while improving circulation throughout the body, like most other excercings like running, cykling and body pumping. In addition to its physical benefits, aerobic activity also enhance brain function, resulting in improved cognition and emotional health.

The harder the dance combination movements are the more the brain is excercised and developed. It is the combination of fysical and mental training that makes dance aerobics such good excercise.

I have always loved dancing but my cordination sence is not the best. It is obviously something that needs to be trained but I get frustrated when I am not able to remember the combined movements. But now I know that I will always keep doing this kind of exercising as I know all the benefits of it.

Now I gonna eat some super yammi fajitas leftovers before heading to bed with the film Doubt that I have been told should be interesting and good.



Beautiful autumn day


Fajitas and X factor evening

What a day! Got some bad news after the gym this morning and the rest of the day didn't really turn out like I had it plan to do...

I did manage to do some of the things I had to do, like washing and cleaning. I went to church for the first time in months. And I also bought a new internet key from Internet so now I hope not to have that much problems like I had with Wind that only worked when it wanted to.

Last night was spent at home girlfriend and boyfriend eating the nice fajitas I made and watching Italian X factor.

Now we just had breakfast and we gonna go out in the nice sunny weather for a walk and a brunch.



Friday drinks at Pitbull

I left work as a walking zombie yesterday and all I could think of was sleeping but in the end I met up with Ilaria and we went for a nice aperitivo at Pitbull bar in Corso Como. I came home early and at 23.00 I was already in bed and I slept 11 hours...

Now I am off to the gym for a nice body pumping class. For the rest of the day I have million things to do - a long to do list where I need to tick off everything!



Finally weekend!

I.m exhausted! Not tired that I wanna sleep but so tired that I dont' understand anything any more...
I must say I had a very good first week at work! I like the office, I like my job, I like my colleague and I really like my mentor. I jave learned a lot and slowly I start understand what, how and why I do things. BUT the last hour at work today was a disaster, suddenly I wasn't able to do anything... Things I one hour earlier did perfectly by myself was suddenly impossible duties. I felt stupied and left the office feeling disappointed of myself... Hope things will go better on Monday!
Now I'm on the train on my way to Corso Como where I will meet up Ilaria for some food and drinks.

Weekend here I come!



Busy Thursday

Today was a busy day at my new job. We all had lots to do and everyone were running like mad ones :) I start feeling that I do slowly learn the things but I stress a little bit if I wouldn't be able to learn and understand everything quick enough. For now I just do my best, from next week I guess I can start seeing if I get what I'm doing...

After work today I went to the gym for a one hour total body class with my favourite personal trainer Mario. Is classes are the hardest but as I always had lots of fun in his classes I hardly realize how hard I work out.

After the gym I rushed to the supermarket, got a dessert that I brought to Giorgia's place where we had a nice dinner tonight. Francii is still in town and she cooked a very nice pumpkin & gorgozola risotto, yam tam.

As my going to bed limit, at midnight, now it's very close (2 minuyes left) will immediately close the pc and go to bed! Tomorrow Friday and then a well needed weekend...



Anche se è amore non si vede

...meaning: even if it's love you can't see it...

Tonight it was cinema time for me again.... When new Italian romantic comedies comes out I can't miss even one. This was one of those for me extreme Italian comedies with lots of jokes that only Italians can laugh at but I liked it anyway. The story was nice, the actors good and I had some good laughs.

Now I have to hurry up to shower and wash my hair before going to bed. My rule is to never go to bed after midnight during the weeks! :)

Good night!



SUPER tired girl

Yesterday I started a new job (I will write more about it in another occasion) and there is so much to learn that both yesterday evening and tonight I got home feeling brainless... I am so tired that I can hardly move around in my flat. Yesterday I forced myself to go to the gym and tonight I went directly out for Francii who's in town few days but I could easily just go home at 6.30pm and go straight to bed....

At Rinascente I was used to use my body all day long. I was always standing up and moving around all the time but I can't say I had to use my brain that much.

In this new job I sit down most of the time but I have to learn and understand so much new things and it's all up to my brain to do the job. I do hope that with this job I haven't bitten off more than I can chew but for now I will just do my best and then we will see...

Sushi with Francii at Wasabii tonight
 (Me looking tired? Felt like a zombie... ;)



Believe it or not but I have had a Sunday off from work...!

I started working for Givenchy just after three weeks in Italy and I stayed for 18 months, In these 18 months I might have had 5 Sundays off from work (when I have been on holiday) and the rest I have always been working.... So today my first Sunday off while being in Milan I slept until 12.30 and then I just spent few lazy hours at home doing nothing and I just loved it.

At 5pm I went to the gym and afterwards for dinner at a Chinese restaurant with Steppy.

Now I am off to bed as tomorrow morning I start my new job and I want to be fit for fight...


Breaking dawn

Yesterday when I got back to Milan I just stayed at home relaxing in the afternoon. I got back to Milan and it was colder than Stockholm and instead of the beautiful sun I left behind in Sweden Milan offered heavy fog so I did not really fancy doing anything...

Later on I met up my boyfriend and we went to a mega big super market to do some necessary food shopping, had dinner and then we went to the cinema to see the super hit movie "Breaking Dawn". I liked it much better than my boyfriend did but I must see that it was the worst of the four Twilight movies I have seen so far. I am glad I have seen it anyway, it was a must.

Now I have to put on make up on my flatmate who is off for a date and then I will go to the gym.

Have a nice Sunday folks.



The first 'lussebulle' of the year

I'm at Arlanda airport on my way back to Milan having my second breakfast of the day, a super yammi lussebulle :)

I hate flying this early in the mornings and all I can think of is to get on the plane and sleep.

Thanks everyone for these amazing days in the beautiful Swedish capital! <3

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A good Stockholm day

 At a Greek restaurant having lunch with mum and dad

Fika with mum in Gallerian - mega chocolat brownie with ice cream 
 Fika with Erika at Wayne's coffee

Chinese dinner at 'Kinesiska muren' with mum

Today it feels I haven't done anything else but eating haha... However I had a great day as I spent it with three of the most important people in my life; my mum, my dad and my best friends Erika. 

Tomorrow morning I'm going back to Milan to get ready for my new career adventure.

Now time for a movie evening with mum!



Wayne's coffee with Zarah and Lisa

Had a quick coffee with my two sweet ex university friends Zarah and Lisa :)


Around town with mum

Passes the Jacksons store to visit Amanda
 Had lunch at Marie's Fisk

 Around in Saluhallen

 Christmas decorations in the centre

Been out walking around town all day and now we're at home very very tired :)



Girl dinner at High Thai restaurant

Every time I go back to Stockholm I organize one dinner out with my girls. These are friends that I have known since more than 20 years and that always has been and will always be my close friends. I much look forwards the dinner out with them as we always have such a good time.

Tonight I went with the girls to High Thai restaurant and had a delicious thai food dinner.


Kebab lunch with daddy

Me and my dad at 'Folkets kebab'

One of the things I love doing when I'm in Stockholm is to eat lots of different kind of food from all parts of the world. In Italy we eat very well but as the Italian food is so delicious itself the foreign restaurants are not as developed in Italy as for example in London or Stockholm.

Yesterday night I had Spanish dinner with my parents and today for lunch I had turkish kebab with my dad. Tonight I'm off for a girl dinner with my sweet friends and I have booked a table in a Thai restaurant. I hope that in these days I'll also eat Swedish and Chinese before going back to Italy with all it's pasta, pizza and meat dishes...

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