Dancing girls

Went dancing at Le banque for a couple of hours. It was years ago the two of us went out dancing together so even if it was short we had so much fun.

Now we're off to the lake to spend this lovely sunny day!


Pizza dinner at Original Pizza

After three hours of shopping together in central Milan we were starving so what couldn't had been better than bring Cicci to one of Milans nicest pizzerias in the Duomo area; original pizza. The stone owen baked extremely thin pizzas were as always very tasty.



Fish Friday

Every Friday the restaurant where I normally eat lunch got fresh fish. I look forward to the Friday lunches the whole week. I always order the fish dish of the day plus a fresh green salad. Afterwards I normally enjoy a nice coffee and today, as we got 27 degrees I took a cold and refreshing coffee cocktail (obviously without alcohol). This amazing lunch for only 1 euro (9 SEK) paid from my own pocket. Isn't it great? :)


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A week of training, reading and weekend preparations

Cicci and I on a crayfish party in Sweden Aug 2007

This week I haven't really had any desire blogging so I haven't written a word. I haven't actually even turned on my computer even once at home during the whole week...  I guess I sit so much in front of the computer at work that I don't really fancy even seeing it when I get home.

Monday and Tuesday I went to the gym after work and afterwards home to read and finish an amazing book. Wednesday I went for walking, talking and eating down the Navigli with Torri. Yesterday Luisa and I went to out favorite body toning class at the gym and afterwards I took a long walk to central station to meet up with my Swedish childhood friend that arrived from rainy Stockholm to spend a cosy and sunny weekend with me here in Milan. It is girl that I have known since I was 2 month old and we have grown up together and I could almost count her as my sister. Our grand mothers were best friends and also our mums so we can practically call us family.

Now I gonna work hard as I will leave earlier in the afternoon.



Sunday with Merve

Today I took Merve with me to the gym. We did one course of pilates and then also the total body course followed by 15 minutes of proper stretching. Good training and Merve came out of the gym satisfied but very tired.

An hour later we were fit for fight and went to Navigli for a nice aperitivo with Torri and his friend. We sat outside all evening without any fake heating and even if I got a bit cold by the end it was a great feeling. The summer is on its way, slowly slowly.



Park and Bianco Latte

Marta and I at Bianco Latte
Cutest little thingy... I would have loved taking a ride :)

Lovely spring Saturday. My only plan for the day was to meet up with Marta with friends at Bianco Latte at 4pm so before I went to the park close to it and did like everyone else, just  laid down in the sun on the grass. So nice! I stayed there fore more than an hour just relaxing and reading a book.

Now when summer times comes I know I gonna start missing my old job where I had many free days (as I worked evenings) for park visits... Can't have it all right? :)

Tonight I am going for a pizza with Torri and afterwards I think we gonna go to a Brazilian party.

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Karol and Francii's big graduation party at Le Banque

Francii & Karol - The two greatest! :)

Now I need to get out in the lovely weather. Happy Saturday folks :)


Stefii and Sushi

= a perfect friday dinner combo!! :)



Yoga and boyfriend evening

You might think I've gone training freaky as everyday this week I've gone to the gym but it is just an coincidence with perfect timings. On Monday I was supposed to see Stephanie at 20.00 so it was perfect to go to the gym one hour before. On Tuesday I was meeting Matteo for dinner at 21.30 so two hours at the gym before heading there was just perfect. Yesterday my boyfriend came over for a movie evening at 20.00 so I just thought one hour of yoga would be the ideal start of that relaxing evening. And tonight I am off with Luisa to my favourite Step tone class before going to Francii's big celebration evening. Must say, a very good week! The only thing is that I have slept only 7 - 7,5 hours per night which for me is not enough but hey, I will catch up the sleep this weekend with my usual 10 hours sleeps. 

I am getting more and more fanatic to yoga. I did do yoga regularly while living in Halmstad many years ago and in London I did it occasionally. Now I start liking it a lot and I am learning the positions by heart. This weekend I gonna buy myself a yoga mat so I can start doing exercises at home with my flatmate which is a real yoga professional since years.



Spring lunch at Mojito Cafe

21st of March, the official first of the spring. And here it is, lovely spring weather with 22 degrees and not a cloud on the blue sky. Spring everywhere is great but spring in Italy is better than great. I just love it!

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Double up at the gym plus dinner out

The closer the summer we get, the longer gets the days and the more we manage to do during our days.Today was a quit tricky day at work but I felt I got lots done anyway. I got out from work at 6pm and went for my usual pilates class followed by the total body pump class. Then I went home, had a shower, got dressed and went out where Matteo was waiting and we went for dinner at Taiyo. 

I am very satisfied with my day and I will now close my eyes and sleep.

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...and finally she's back!

I am so so so happy! I got my carrot (personal nick name) back! She left for Australia and no one knew if she would be coming back but now I think and hope she's back here to stay and I couldn't be happier :)

Tonight I first went for a body toning class and afterwards I went home for dinner, tea, candy, some american x factor and lots of chat with Stephy.



The Descendants

Yesterday evening I saw the new George Clooney movie, The Descendants, a movie that was everything but what I expected it to bed. The Original titel got not much to do with the movie while the Italian titel, (you know Italy loves changing all titels and names) Paradiso Amaro - bitter paradise, actually fit much better. That was what it was, an amazing paradise with quite few bitter elements. It was a very very sad movie that feels very honest. It's about pain, anger and fear. It is a family drama showing how a tragedy can make the most different and difficult people come together and be very close and supportive to each other.

It was a beautiful drama movie and Clooney was as good as always.

Today I feel slightly better and after lunch I gonna go out for a walk and later maybe a little pilates course...



One Day the movie

Like half year ago I read the book "One day" and I absolutely loved it. Today, when lying at home still not feeling well, I finally got time to see the film One day.

The first part of the movie was crap. Quick filming of different situations and I am not really sure what a person that hasn't read the book understands of those. But then suddenly the movie made a u-turn and started being both sweet, fun and sad. The second part of the movie was in other words really good and by the end of it I cried.

For whoever haven't neither read the book or seen the movie I would definitely recommend the book before the film. But, I must say the movie was worth seeing as well!



...and suddenly I am sick...

My week started off so well with my work going on well, good friends and perfect training but then suddenly from no-where I catch a stomach flu. I start feeling back the night between Wednesday and Thursday and yesterday I work I though I would die... I left after lunch and come home with high fever, nausea and terrible stomach pains. I stayed in bed all evening and hoped to go to work this morning but after getting up normal time and trying to eat some breakfast I realized it wasn't a good idea so I stayed home.

Today I visit the doctor to get the certificate, then I passed the super market to get some eatable things and the rest of the day I have been either lying in my bed or sitting at the kitchen table. Do I need to say how bored I am?

Tomorrow I was supposed to go to the mountains but as I am still not feeling very well and that the meteo says rain this weekend I might not go... don't know... we'll see.



Yoga and aperitivo evening

The perfect mix to create a great evening. After a long and quite heavy day at work I went straight to the gym for one hour of yoga. A quite hard and painful class but also relaxing and I always walk out of there feeling great. Tired but well stretched out and relaxed.Straight from the gym I went to Ciu's to catch up with a bunch of friends for a nice aperitivo. Ciu's really offeres loads and good food but unfortunately it is a little too much people which makes it a bit chaotic. But the location and the food makes it worth it.


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