...and suddenly I am sick...

My week started off so well with my work going on well, good friends and perfect training but then suddenly from no-where I catch a stomach flu. I start feeling back the night between Wednesday and Thursday and yesterday I work I though I would die... I left after lunch and come home with high fever, nausea and terrible stomach pains. I stayed in bed all evening and hoped to go to work this morning but after getting up normal time and trying to eat some breakfast I realized it wasn't a good idea so I stayed home.

Today I visit the doctor to get the certificate, then I passed the super market to get some eatable things and the rest of the day I have been either lying in my bed or sitting at the kitchen table. Do I need to say how bored I am?

Tomorrow I was supposed to go to the mountains but as I am still not feeling very well and that the meteo says rain this weekend I might not go... don't know... we'll see.


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