Yoga and boyfriend evening

You might think I've gone training freaky as everyday this week I've gone to the gym but it is just an coincidence with perfect timings. On Monday I was supposed to see Stephanie at 20.00 so it was perfect to go to the gym one hour before. On Tuesday I was meeting Matteo for dinner at 21.30 so two hours at the gym before heading there was just perfect. Yesterday my boyfriend came over for a movie evening at 20.00 so I just thought one hour of yoga would be the ideal start of that relaxing evening. And tonight I am off with Luisa to my favourite Step tone class before going to Francii's big celebration evening. Must say, a very good week! The only thing is that I have slept only 7 - 7,5 hours per night which for me is not enough but hey, I will catch up the sleep this weekend with my usual 10 hours sleeps. 

I am getting more and more fanatic to yoga. I did do yoga regularly while living in Halmstad many years ago and in London I did it occasionally. Now I start liking it a lot and I am learning the positions by heart. This weekend I gonna buy myself a yoga mat so I can start doing exercises at home with my flatmate which is a real yoga professional since years.



  1. jag vill oxa gilla yoga varsta trenden ju men tycker det e sa trist hihihi :o( vad hande med din jazz dans? slutade du? jag gar varje vecka nu asskoj!!! :o)

  2. Hej Mia. Nej jag började aldrig på jazzkursen utan går på en modern dans-kurs som mitt gym erbjuder på måndagarna istället. Billigare så men lite synd :)

  3. Middag 21:30 på en vardag. Jag är imponerad!

  4. Welcome to Matteo's world ;) Hur som helst är det bara en timme senare än min vanliga middagstid, 20.30!

    Men jag var ju på gymmet 18,45-20,45 så även om jag skulle ätit själv hemma skulle det blivit efter kl 21... not good I know, but that's life :))

  5. Nu har du övertygat mig, jag ska också börja yoga! Känner du till kundaliniyoga? Tänkte börja ta den kursen på centralbadet i Stockholm. Vad tror du?
    Kram Malin

  6. Yoga och kille, besta combon :o)


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