22 hours at Yasuragi Hasseludden

Me in the outdoor hot spring yesterday evening.

Yasuragi Hasseludden is a spa just outside the city center here in Stockholm. It is a peaceful Japanese health center where you can enjoy Japanese baths, energizing activities like yoga and zen meditation, a variety of treatments and good Japanese food.

My mum and I went there yesterday afternoon and enjoyed the baths and saunas a couple of hours before I went to a yoga class while my mum stayed in the relaxation room. In the evening we went for a delicious Japanese dinner. We first were a bit disappointed that we only got 6 pieces of sushi and sashimi (as a starter) but then we got the main course and it was extremely good. After dinner I went bathing again. I first went swimming few lanes before going outside (it was 4 degrees in the air) to have a bath in the outdoor hot spring. It was a fantastic feeling to sit there in the middle of the cold nature in the warm bath in almost complete silence, I could only hear the wind in the trees and the sea that was just few meters away. 

This morning we got up early and found the most amazing breakfast buffe' ever, they had everything you could ever imagine on the buffe', even sushi for those who fancied starting off the day with raw fish... After breakfast I enjoyed another yoga class before joining my mum in the baths again.

Yasuragi is the Japanese word for inner peace and harmony and that was absolutely what we experienced during our 22 hours in there. I hope to go back very very soon!



  1. danigorgeous12/04/2012, 16:11

    bellissime mamma e figlia!! bacio eva!!


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