After all, tomorrow is another day

I can not say anything else than today has been a bad day. At work the system went down, the day when I mostly needed it to work... Then other things happened that I don't wanna share here but that made my day even worst.

After work I went to the gym. I wish I went to the boxing course as that is exactly what I would had needed but there are no boxing courses on Thursdays so instead I went to the body fit course followed by the legs and bums. Together with Luisa I sweat like a pig for two hours through out the two courses  and when I got out I felt slightly better.

However I am still upset but I am trying to convince myself that tomorrow is a new day with new possibilities and I just need to believe that it will be a better day...


1 comment:

  1. Alla dagar kan inte vara bra... ha en fin fredag nu:)


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