Beautiful Verbania

Saturday 30th of March and 27 degrees sunshine weather. What could be a better day for going to the lake? We left quite late around lunch time and took the train 1,5 hour away to the "Lago Maggiore" (Maggiore lake) and Verbania. I have been to other places by the Maggiore lake before like Stresa, Arona and the islands. Excluding the islands that were all so beautiful, pretty and charismatic, Verbania was the most beautiful and most clean and organized town along the lake, and also the biggest.

We walked around along the lake and the city centre and later on we laid down by the lake and just enjoyed the sun. Very nice day and I hope to be able to go back to Verbania some time again.



  1. Åh va härligt det ser ut. Så otrligt vacker natur. Tänk att ni har sommar och vi har vinter och vi är bara 3 timmars flygväg från varandra:) Kram

  2. ah vilka harliga sommarbilder lyxpyx :o)

  3. lovely pics, thanks for sharing

  4. very nice girls


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