Busy Saturday with some hours in the sun and a LEGO exhibition

Aren't the Saturday's ment to me a resting day? For me they are not, but when I think back I am quite impressed how much things I manage to do...
- Big breakfast
- One hour Rihanna workout. (Normal workout but only with Rihanna music...)
- Went to the shoe repair
- Went to the tailor to pick up a dress
- Went to Carrefour for the weekly food shopping
- Home, change bedlinnen and wash the "old"
- Wash some clothes too
- Lunch
- Shower, hair masque and total body peeling
- Clean my room
- Got dressed and went out... at 3 pm... finally.

Went to the park, sun bathing and reading my book. After lying in the sun in the park for three hours I went into the morden museum of Milan and saw the little lego exhibition. Then I met up my boyfriend and I'll add more pics from the evening in a while. Now I need to have breakfast.


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