Chick night out

Girl dinner at San Leandro Tapas

Sandra & Anna

Lisa & Zarah

Cicci & Johanna

Erika and I

San Leandro tapas restaurant

Wine at bar Vassa Egget

Ohh I was so happy yesterday when I manage to get together almost all of my best friends for a nice dinner out plus some wine in a nice bar in town. We first went eating at San Leandro tapas and then we went to a fancy little bar called Vassa Eggen.

I so wish I would have all my friends closer and would be able to hang out more often...

Today is the day I have to go back to Italy after 8 amazing days here in Stockholm. It has been more of a holiday this time than ever before. The time was longer and the little spa day/night made it even better. I know I gonna be sad leaving for Italy today but I have to keep in mind I am going back to lovely spring time, to my job that I like a lot and to my boyfriend and friends.

Thanks everyone for everything. You are always in my heart! <3



  1. ohh va kul det ser ut jag var oxa hemma i sverige tills igar men uppe i norr och dar ar det ratt trist skont att vara tillbaka i London nu hihihi :o) kramis

  2. El Clasico på Skånegatan är Stockholms bästa tapas, testa det.


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