Cozy Friday

Sushi lunch with Dad at Murasaki Sushi

New skinny jeans and a sweet little top

New dinner dress

Cosy Friday dinner at Erika's...

Friday around Stockholm.... Started off the day at the health center to get some allergy medicin for the spring time. Sat two hours in the queue to see the doctor 2 minutes...

Then it was time for lunch and I met up with Dad at Murasaki then after the lunch, as I was already in town, I went shopping... The plan was to get myself only a new sweater but I came home with everything except a sweater. I bough two pairs of pants, two dresses, one pair of shorts, one little summer top and a two pairs of earrings. But no sweater. We girls are funny, aren´t we? :)

After my three hours of shopping I went home to show my new stuff for my mum who liked it all and then I went to my best friend Erika for the absolutely best kinds of evenings... As the rain flowed down outside the window we had a cosy evening in her place eating a nice and healthy dinner followed by a delicious dessert. The best kind of Friday evening!

Today it's, listen up folk, SNOWING. It is 1-2 degrees outside and snow mixed with rain is coming down and the streets are white. My plan was to go shopping again, this time a new camera, but I think I will do my shopping from home over the internet instead...


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