Dinner at Al Basilico Fresco

We came back from the lake starving as we only had ice cream for lunch. We went directly searching for a restaurant as we walked from the central station towards my place. Strange enough we realized that nowadays there are more sushi and fusion restaurants around in Milan than real Italian restaurants and if they are Italian they were pizzerias.

In the end we walked almost all the way home and went to one of my favorite Italian ones close to my place, Al Basilico Fresco, where I had a big surprise. The place that used to be a simple family restaurant had been completely reconstructed and it is now a quite fancy restaurant with only posh people dining and champagne offered to everyone waiting for a table. However, the staff, the menu and the food was still the same and we enjoyed a very delicious dinner.



  1. Buono il Basilico Fresco <3

  2. Ser got t ut!


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