Happy Birthday to Me

Happy birthday Maria!

Japaneese tea time with Johanna

Birthday dinner with my parents at Texas Longhorn Steakhouse

Must say I had a glorious birthday. I woke at at the SPA and instead of a terrible cream cake I got the most delicious breakfast buffe' ever followed by a nice yoga class and a couple of hours in the Japanese baths. The day couldn't start off in a better way...

In the afternoon when I got back to town I met up my friend Johanna and we went to a sweet little Japanese place for afternoon tea.

In the evening I took my parents to the great restaurant Texas Longhorn Steakhouse on Östermalmstorg, a place I've only been once before but it was a safe choice for the evening. We ate fajitas and both my parents loved it.

Thanks everyone for remembering me on my birthday. You are all so nice!


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  1. beautiful pics and beautiful blog. well done!


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