I always cry when I leave Stockholm...

My Mum and I

Me and my Dad
It is always so sad to leave Stockholm after wonderful days with my parents and sweet friends. It is so much love around and obviously it is great to be on holiday too. Yesterday when I left I cried and I just wanted to jump out of the window when the plane left Sweden. I slept the whole flight in lack of energy to watch a movie or read my book...

When I arrived to Milan by boyfriend picked me up from the airport, he took me to a super market to buy all the food I need for the week and then he took me out for dinner. In the end I had a really good evening so this morning I woke up positive to go back to work, and I needed it. I got back to almost 100 new e-mails and many of them were problems to solve... I had a good day at work anyway and I went home in normal time with only 30 problem e-mails left for tomorrow. I then went to the gym for some body toning and now I just had dinner with Luisa.

During though days it is important to focus on the positive elements and plan nice things ahead. In my mind I now think about the massive International design fair that starts in Milan tomorrow and that I wanna visit and then me and some of my girls gonna start planning a long girl weekend on the coast this summer. I absolutely can't wait!


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  1. Vilka fina bilder på dig och dina föräldrar. Jag brukar också vara ledsen när jag åker hem efter trevliga semestrar, tror det är normalt. Skickar en kram


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