It is all up to you...

People often ask me how I can manage to have a serious job where I work 8-10
hours a day, go training at least 3-4 times a week and on top of that I
manage to have a very social life with my friends and boyfriend. I also
manage to have other hobbies like reading, traveling, photography and
fashion. I never know what to answer. The job is a must. Training has
always been a natural part of my life. And my friends are more important to
me than anything else. I guess one of the biggest differences between me
and "other people" is that I almost never watch TV. I only turn the news
on while eating breakfast and dinner while many people spend hours in front
of the TV every day... I just don't like it and if I happen to sit down in front of the TV I
normally fall asleep, that is how much I like it... ;) In the weeks I only
sleep 7-7,5 hours per night which for sleeping baby like me is not enough
but I normally catch up my sleep with 10 hours per night in the weekend.

I believe time is precious and that priority in life is important. I
prioritize so many things in my life instead of comfort. I don't feel
complete if I don't have a job that challenge and where I can give my all.
I both feel and sleep better if I go training as much as possible and I feel
happier if I manage to hang out with my boyfriend and friends as much as
possible as well. Reading books is also an important part of my life (will
write about that another time).

In other words all these elements that people wonder how I can manage to
fit into my life are for me vital to feel good and if people don't point
it out for me I don't even think about all the things I manage to do while other people don't.

People complain they don't have time for both friends and training but time is all about priority. If you want you can do it, it's simple. Saying that you are too tired to go to the gym after 8 hours
working is for me it is just not acceptable. Stop complain and start doing
all the things you want to do is my tip for those complainers. Good planning is another tip.

Now I gonna back my luggage, have some lunch and hit the airport. Stockholm here I come :)



  1. Inspirational post! If I sleep as little as 8-9 hours though Im a wreck :( Which is really unfortunate! can't you post some fitness tips or write about your exercise of the day or something like that :)

    Oj, glommer att jag kan skriva pa svenska till dej..

    angaenda mitt bild redigerings program sa anvander jag photoshop, men nar jag gor collage sa anvander jag en APP till min macbook pro som heter collage creator or something, jag ar inte hemma just nu sa ja kan kolla sen! den ar valdigt bra iaf om du har mac :) x take care

  2. Härlig bild! Och jag håller helt med :)

  3. totally agree!

  4. Great motivation. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Very nice and well written post


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